Challenging people on the streets of New York to pull ups BrolyGainz gokupump akeemsupreme2

Challenging people on the streets of New York to pull ups BrolyGainz gokupump akeemsupreme2

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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Challenging people on the streets of New York to pull ups BrolyGainz gokupump akeemsupreme2

Let’s go Whatever pull-ups you do we give you Double he’s [ __ ] ready he’s ready Let’s go Whatever you do we give you double all Right stuff we ain’t stopped we’re gonna Pull oh Six Seven let’s go let’s go Let’s go Let’s go [Music] Out here best style right now Goku pop You already know who I am we’re about to Go to Town Square man Pearl ball so you See the little ball First things You’re going to work out outside man Hopefully Inspire some people to work Out you know What happened are we gonna take it to The streets man you know how we do it Man [ __ ] gym [Music] All right From Walmart What are you doing at home You ready Yeah we all have Time Square man we got A beautiful workout for you guys we’re Around a beautiful nice crowd of people Sharing that energy of course you know I Got my guy Goku pump right here What’s your name right here bro we got

Saved right here Right now hey we also have a beautiful Officer Hey I don’t Know New York’s final so we’re going to Do a little something simple you know I Mean I want the body get a good workout [Music] All right Foreign [Music] Daniel Six seven nobody stop now we gotta match Him 30. [Music] Oh holy [ __ ] six seven Eight No 40. [Applause] You got this One Let’s go let’s go [Music] Straight Hey let me share your lessons more hey Let me share your lessons more [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Let’s go [Music] Let’s go spiders

Challenging people on the streets of New York 

[Music] Okay Let’s go spiders [Music] Let’s go good [ __ ] bro Do you pop up Bro I see you bro y’all You know what I definitely It’s your birthday Sometimes [Music] Let’s go what are you doing sitting on The couch eating chips and cookies [Music] Let’s go You guys are gonna join us All right Whatever you do the most of us are doing A matching all right here we go do the Most One all right two three four Six nice going On come on come on come on let’s go [Music] Get up [Music] It’s gonna double it [Music] Go good job Let’s go Come on bro Chure [ __ ] Up

Let’s go keep going okay Yeah Why you did so much bro all right Whatever post you’ve got we double it we Double it [Music] Right now guys Five six seven eight nine ten eleven Twelve ten thirteen fourteen fifteen Sixty seven eighteen nineteen twenty all Right let’s go one let’s go two let’s go Three let’s go four you almost did five Let’s go six let’s go four seven let’s Go eight let’s go easy done man Whatever We will double it Double it Three games free games out here free Games we give you double two okay three Four five three six clean seven Eight done nine Ten eleven let’s go Well that’s 24 right there okay let’s go Let’s go [Music] Thank you Let’s go 20 let’s go Let’s go huh let’s go Let’s go In the sky look to the sky there you go Four there you go what’s this guy again [Music] Let’s go let’s go [Music]

I am the answer to all living things That cry out for peace I am protector of The innocent I am the light in the Darkness [Music] Need more tips on how to get your body Shredded with just body weights you Don’t need a gym Check out the link in the description to My program where you can practice Staying consistent and different Exercises to be able to build your body Ah Don’t eat

Challenging people on the streets of New York to pull ups BrolyGainz gokupump akeemsupreme2

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