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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of Bodyweight

[Music] We keep that tension make sure the chest Feels like you're pushing up 100 pounds Let's go Squeeze that chest Fill 10 won the game nice shots do it Slowly [Music] Less than two at the top you know I see That those stupid got it like it'll Happen by accident you gotta Flex it [Music] Do what you got to do [Music] Put it back foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] Supreme workout let's do this you know And what does that consist of brother so It's a nice costumes workout full body We're gonna start with pools I call this The 12 rep max man um Pull-ups let's go ten pull-ups don't do Them shits calm and slow though no Rushing let's go no Russian thing One Two [Music] [Applause] Three Four Five [Music]

Six seven [Music] Eight Nine Seven I'm going to walk the show Slow two man let's go oh yeah Hey look that slow brother what's going On what's going on you're going slow Squad soon let's go Okay Nice and slow Move fast bam what's going on Slow all right Let's get it One Foreign Abundance Mothers are here for us too let's go Ahead of us all right okay [Music] Two gold Keep squash [Music] So okay let's slow it down yeah Everything in there for a fast pace you Want to get that feeling get that muscle Tension engagement gotta make sure You're feeling those muscles and you've Got to make sure that everything that's Going around you Continue to fight and even though this Is a full body workout it's mainly it Gonna affect your upper body the the

Back of the chest you know you add the Legs to it To get the full body immunity your Optimized when you feel it let's go you Ready I'm gonna go Hey four six yeah let's go One Two Three [Music] Four Five Six I wanna look good oh yeah right yeah Summer winter yo it's not a thing where People have to ask so do you work out It's not a questionnaire do you believe In god what do you mean What do you mean It's not a question to be honest I look This way cause I work hard be like yo How come you don't go to church I do go To church every day I go to I don't just Go to church on a Sunday I'm going to Church every day that's I talk to my higher self every day I Feel it I don't pray every day be about To pray right now let's go talk to God You gotta do these push-ups I'm having a good time Yeah Let's go manifest it I want it all man You manifest in my body right now I'm Praying for it let's go

Yeah yeah Fight against yourself exactly fight Against yourself You squats Go [Music] Oh one more push it must be four Push-ups [Music] Yeah I know the map [Music] For the ones that are intermediate a Little bit more advanced add the weight To it yep we can show on the people who Just want to get started huh how to get It done yep but that's it's never a Place where you think that oh I'm an Expert I can't go back no go back touch Up and then go back with the weights if You like exactly slowing it down for us This is a good movement to get you Involved you can't breathe Keep it making sure that your lower back Is engaged you want that [ __ ] to look Good you gotta work every body part and Don't just stop that upper body I want My legs to look good I want my calves to Look good I want my feet to look good I Need to be able to grab it through my Feet and rip that [ __ ] of shreds you Hear me I want it all to take care of All the bodies look good yeah yeah make Sure that they look good though exactly Everything guys look good [ __ ] your skin

Care bro is that everything drink water And sleep Sweat a couple of times you start having A better looking skin man what's up with You just all natural what kind of what Kind of what is it sandwiches Sweat you can sweat stay under the sun It comes with it Come on [Music] [Music] Let's go It's telling me I can't do more So I got power I got power Oh God talk to himself that's it that's The only motivation please talk to Yourself I want to be stronger man Power Can't change you can't change somebody Else don't you change yourself is that Can't change the situations around them You only change yourself and the mood That you doing yeah some of y'all Complain about the government to clean About so much [ __ ] that you can't do Nothing about but you're out of [ __ ] It's crazy are you kidding me you gotta Be military ready military I don't need Much all I need to do is make sure I get Some reading content that's gonna make My brain work I need my food to be right Drink my water have some foods every Once in a while and stop acting like

That Cinemas is everything you still Gotta do other things you don't train Your body train your mind train your Spirit no matter what I go through I'm a weapon of mass destruction I'm a weapon of Master structure I'ma Look this way to an advert you know what Cause my mental My mentor is my key to this this should Happen Me yep Slow Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Stick discipline Learn to do without So when you have it seems like a luxury Yeah [Music] You discipline Eat the same foods every day see how I Would challenge your mindset you don't Need to eat some exotic food every day Eat the same [ __ ] peoples and bits Kibbles and bits whatever they take Us and pets Goodbye to go through all this pain what The hell is right to the Cross nothing You know somebody I'll be worried about Your big loss So we all be worried about your baby Father

Some of y'all just be worrying about the Dude that stole your money Man ain't no way My confidence comes in my mindset I can do anything today I can fix any Challenge I don't go through any battle you know Because I know I got me My mentality won't let me quit Please won't let me do it it's more than Just the body it's more dimensional [ __ ] This [ __ ] goes up eventually like and That's the problem some of y'all just Look at the body and that's the goal That's your goal that's your goal I just Want to achieve the body So whatever your function is is when You're discipline drop it you don't Treat your mind right now you're gonna Say that I don't care about my body imma Look better in heaven you won't wait Until you die to look better Speak positively to yourself that's how The drugs you don't get back You got to teach your mom to tell Everybody what it was it might fall into Those dark places but you gotta fight You gotta fight with who yourself is you Gotta fight against everything Man y'all need that right now let me Just chill let me go get it back yeah Let me not do this today because yeah I'm already in [ __ ] exactly I ain't got To do much oh that's too very minimal

Today yeah all that weak stuff you gotta Have a strong God issue too I just stopped working out because you Know uh I got a son now I got a daughter Now all those sweet [ __ ] yeah you know Why I keep working out cause I got a son Now let's go that's why I'm gonna keep Working out not even that you don't even Want that to get any excuse but I think What happened yeah I do it no matter what that's from a Good bad and the other one when I'm Going through something I'm gonna work Out when I'm not going through something I'm gonna work up Let's go Let's go last set yeah I mean um [Music] [Music] Shooting Three Four domain make sure you squeeze in That chest Don't you do slow just too slow squeeze Keep that tension Make sure the chest feels like you're Pushing up a hundred pounds let's go Squeeze that chest Feel pain Level Eight Nine Seven

Gotta make sure that chest feel good Gotta make sure that it looks good all Year round yeah I want my sugar to look Good through the coat With a sweater They'll actually do it they don't Actually know some stupid ass question What you mean what you know I workout Ask me what's wrong record oh yeah That's what I wanted to know yeah But you don't want to see the actual Thing let's go Don't pull up [Music] [Applause] [Music] All this one that'd be good Got more Tango stop [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] Hey good luck I want it all Up Yeah yeah Foreign [Applause] This is just the rest Because we don't rest properly We rest actually

That's how U.S crops reacted Invest by doing something we're not just Going to stand here and relax [Music] That's it big rooster Let's go six push-ups now let's get it [Music] Ah So let's go Three Let's go [Music] Oh [Music] One again a nice chest do it slowly Ah nice and two at the top you know and She got a little stupid gotta like I Don't have them by accident you gotta Flex it [Music] Push it up Stop just don't just keep doing the same [ __ ] I think your body's Gonna Change Gotta confuse your body where you keep Doing the same [ __ ] it's used to it so It's like it's like we walk every day Your life's gonna get just soaked and Walking because you're still getting [ __ ] washed every [ __ ] day When you squatting now it's gonna change When you left it's gonna change you keep [ __ ] walking every day unless you're Gonna change ain't gonna look like Nothing more and then have a diving

Match yeah you wanna have a cheating to Earn your achievement exactly are you Gonna look like trash workout like trash And then go back to it eat it and drink It like yourself no you ain't gonna look Like this that's why I look like it's Amazing and I keep on hearing this old Little King was on drugs now you want Drugs why because I look this way I look Like this since I was 10. I just got Bigger work hard eat what you're Supposed to eat do what you gotta do I Miss you man let's go take the drugs You're not gonna listen I'm sorry no I'm Just just real like reality [Music] [Music] Still getting it done no excuses so if You need to do this you can do whatever You want with his body works for it you Can say steroids all you want man I'll Take that I got that my whole life you Did now I took the third one Why are you not [ __ ] you took all that [ __ ] now you still look the same you Know why the mentality is still [ __ ] Up you still look like trash because you Are trash man but for the ones that know It's real and know I've been doing this For years it's gonna always look Different you know why because I work Hard a train home and I eat differently You feel me I don't do put anything in This box you gotta work for it if you're

Gonna eat your cheese no you gotta hurt Me Let's get it [Music] Okay good All right [Music] All right so now we're going to do a few Spots Online You're not only going to get the game so You can subscribe to us we're going to Get the brain Understanding the purpose for how I do It yeah I want to look good That's the main part Holyfield you know And I feel good especute with no extra No pain Is maybe if I just saw I'm not doing the Whole team that I was hoping for but try To push myself to another level and that Comes from four weeks more engagement Because everyone needs all engagements I'm not just squeezing our chest I Squeeze my entire body my whole body Works when I do every movement that's Why we look different that's why we Smell different that's why your mother Loved this smell I mean even when we do The push-ups too Everything is Everything swings don't move the quads No hamstrings no tabs sleeves right now I'm squeezing my legs even though I'm Working the chest

Squeezing the left Squeezing the quads Everything [Music] Slow again [Music] [Music] All right Four pull-ups No squash Ready Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] All right [Music] So we'll move back to pick me up Throw it over here that light yeah [Music] Much better yeah [Music] All right Cool [Music] I'm [ __ ] With the Moon Come on Go do your workouts don't do your squats Will do it for you You can't be lazy full so be lazy for us

Exactly No that's yours For the glory and all our champion make Sure you subscribe Let's go smash the Subscribe button Smash smash the like button smash smash The share button what up smash the Comment button what up smash everything Except for all except for my girl bro Don't do that Go smash my girl I'll smash her for you okay for the pain Leave it for me all that chicken let's Get it All right guys you still just one of the Workouts I got in my my Pro on my Program picture you guys are interested Just hit the link in the description if You guys want too much Buy something pull up series Get yours

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