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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises

You need this let's go find something Let's go your goal is to burn fat you Need burpees needs to be your best Friend let's go Oh no we're not talking back up Yo let's go stop bro Francisco Okay let's go let's go keep fighting Let's go start yeah stop let's go Let's go Hey you're going through this game come On take this away keep going Take it off take it off you get some air Let's go let's go let's go fight [Music] Yo guys how y'all feeling we are out Here We're home Wingate Park good night son And we about to do a nice full body Workout That's catered to beginners and Intermediate especially if you want to Burn fat Or gain muscles you feel me you want to Build but before we talk about the Workout go into it let me shout out to My peoples I got Drake in the building Don't kill them stay creative Go follow him guys please Bam Bam AKA Goku pump AKA just smash the Subscribe button but don't Smash Don't smash these girls guys Don't smash this girl All right guys so we're about to start

This workout I got the timer right here To check this workout out follow along If you like and comment let me know what You feel about it guys I got the timer And five Four Three just follow me two One let's go jump We gonna draw oh no we're not talking we Burping back up good job No I'm not stop Burpee let's go back up Joe oh we going job stop Burpee let's go We gonna jog my brother we gonna jog Stop working let's go Let's go Yo y'all Oh Yeah oh yeah come on stop bro let's go Let's go jump jump yo let's go so find It so find it you got to stop burping Let's go Lunches lunch regular lunches You got your skin Lenses can keep going keep going let's Go keep going okay go let's go Let's go she's going Murphy's let's go Yeah lunches let's go Come on lunch just lunch yeah let's go Lunch lunches come on Let's go let's go let's go let's go got This let's go let's go let's go Come on let's go Let's go come on Stop Burpee Cisco

And anything you do stop burping Cisco Perfect die of course 10 second rest guys 10 second rest how you feeling That heart pumping right heart pumping Yeah this routine you're gonna bring at Least 600 calories at least Three Two Down on the ground Your legs is on fire let's have the Scorpion for you now Boom right in the middle side to side Let's go Yeah oh yeah Oh yeah side to side let's go let's go Let's go yo yo let's go Uh Let's go Yeah let's go 10 seconds 10 seconds come on 10 seconds Rest 10 seconds rest come on 10 seconds Rest Five Four Sorry for this one two three it's back Up Jump spots Let's go Joshua I told you guys Murphy at any Time your goal is to burn fat you need To burpees needs to be your best friend Murphy let's go Come on come on come on just squat just

Squat let's go Joshua jump Squad let's Go come on come on all right perfect Good good Job Squad whenever you get tired bro King jump spot come on come on King come On come on let's go King come on yeah Come on Huh come on come on it's only five Minutes let's go three come on two Come on this is easy jumping jacks let's Go let's go yup cardio let's go let's go Jumping jack come on go let's go yup Let's go stop broken Cisco oh boy stop Burpee let's go stop puppies let's go Stop purple let's go let's stop Stop nervous let's go Stop movies let's go come on I'm okay Let's go stop Murphy's let's go what's That Come on come on Oh yeah hi ten seconds rest See ten seconds rest I told you I Apologize you will burn at least 600 Calories after this routine see me Are you ready Are you ready he said no let's go that's The best time hold on hold on I got you Right now I got you right now okay oh Man see it's just a slipper all right We'll do that later you ready walk out Come on stand up walk out let's go we're Gonna walk it over now go walking on out Come on let's go let's go let's go okay Let's go let's go push up the side and I

Need to push up this time let's go and I Need to push up this top let's go yo [ __ ] it up I walk in on I walk in and I Walk in now and I walk here let's go Let's go No stop let's go keep going let's go Let's go walk it out let's go walk it Out walk it out that's it just walk it Out right back walk it back walk right Back with them hands right back with Them hands They're gonna walk it out to a push-up Let's go walking down into a push-up This time let's go Go Straight to the push-up Let's go there you go walking right back Up keep fighting no that push a little Too clear we're gonna walk it back out To another push-up [ __ ] that I'll get Back out to another push-up let's go Let's go I'm pushing them too clean okay Let's go let's go keep fighting let's go Fight it Let's go uh yeah we passed a little time Like this we're gonna do 10 seconds Wrestling 10 seconds rest But [ __ ] got caught up Hey I might as well take them off You ready next exercise on the ground Right here kick out back let's go Swimming Let's go right here we're here ow X ow X

Ow X Look what I'm doing Let's go Let's go Let's go let's go I need this you need You need this you need this let's go buy Something let's go fight you'll breathe In the afterlife let's go Breathing after life let's go if you Stop Now You're Gonna Fill This okay Come on take this one keep going Take it off take it off you get some air Let's go let's go let's go fight let's Fight let's go let's go fight fight Yeah fight don't stop I'll tell you what To stop this is the last this is the Last of it push everything you got into This right here right now yeah let's go Let's go All right it's okay we're gonna stop We'll stop real quick stop real quick We're gonna take a break to do a burpee Let's go let's go let's go we're gonna Stop and take a prick to do it perfect Let's go we've got this you got this Yeah there you go there you go shout out To my guy Dre in the building never Killed them feel me Goku pump we we always ready tell me This extra Super Saiyans Out here before we follow my guys stay Creative he already lost 50 pounds And he's continuing his journey Some days he will be with us if he's by

Himself consistently going to the gym we Take our workouts and he can he just Goes with it and continuously work hard Work Foreign We Saiyans so from now on if we say if That's some burpees right there all Right okay if all right if we could do This that's a burpee all right Cat uh can't that's some push-ups that's Only 25 push-ups and try that's 25 Push-ups all right so we've all said That all just now so I've gotta do like 25 push-ups each and uh one Burpee one Burpee We gotta do it perfect for the break I Said mad at those words so I gotta do Them back Thank you Let's go See guys Always holding ourselves accountable Fighting for this change fighting for This pain and it's gonna come naturally Assuming if it doesn't come on our body First it might be without Minds if it Doesn't come without mine first is my it Just might be with the body come join us It's just it's just a chance of which One will it be you know I mean which one Will change first because your whole Life might change after that make sure You smash that like button smash that Subscribe but smash every single thing

That you're attracted to a special Events girl Um Go smash my girl but smash the Subscribe Button

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