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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

All of two minutes So we are out here we are back in America in New York City man again feel Me and of course I got my Guy dre right Here I gotta do it again you feel me how To do it again we got my lady right here To you and a special special guest on This workout Alchemy say hi It said no say hi over there say hi Hey good girl high five good job yeah Guys so we about to kill this workout This is a workout so you can be able to Build muscle and burn fat all at the Same damn time you ready guys you ready Bro you ready baby girl you ready You ready Set go got the timer right here we have Started Every minute Stop A different exercise feel me nice and Slow pace jogging got a job man you Gotta run it's a life yeah sorry That's the type bro Every time you stop burpees if you stop Just cuz that's burpees took it out [Music] Guys We run around possible oh Let's go 10 seconds Stop 15 push-ups Yeah

Let's go come online with y'all come on 13. 14. 50 push up straight baby girl let's go Let's go Mushrooms Go ahead we out guys back to the Run Back Every minute we do an exercise So your body get adapted to not only Running but building up the muscle thank You kid thank you 30 seconds guys come on Foreign Oh yeah Let's go Trey Speed up bro Three two one burpees Burpees 10 burpees one Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine 10. Let's go Jay Let's go Nana keep the foot back no keep it yeah You got it you should put back all right Let's go

Time resets Hear me Every one minute You do a different exercise let's go Jay how you feeling bro Great I'll be right next to me let's go I ain't going fast Supposed to be right next to me King Let's go Let's go Jay Let's go y'all tell him baby let's go Come on King why are you stop You come on you got this let's go Let's go yes let's go yes baby Jay let's Go get a picture You're supposed to be next to me let's Go Stop 50 lunges Each leg is one One baby girl Two baby girl Three Four Five Six come on Alchemy Come on baby seven Eight Nine good job Ten you go girl what's after that 11. 12. good job Them lunch is up Trey 14.

Let's go joy let's go let's go Let's go yeah Let's go oh my gosh let's go let's go Let's go yo Yo Ready let's go Yeah keep them clean which number you Want See 16 is only 15. that's it yeah Let's go you got no excuses now I got Your book bag all right we here Let's go To the left right here Oh yeah Oh Let's go Dre There you go King right next to me Always Shoot yeah Yeah don't stop guys don't stop don't Stop don't stop come on keep going keep Going come on keep going guys I got the Stroller keep going don't stop 15 both each Let's go We're here 15 Murphys Hey we're gonna do this together Shout outs is just Jackson you Stay creative AKA Majin Buu make sure You follow the page are you all ready Guys Inhale three Two

Foreign Let's go One dude where did I jump at Dre Two there we go Three Four Come on Dre come on we're together we're Together it's time to stop going too Fast come on let's go we together come on Ten more Six Seven come on guys we're together come On come on come on Eight seven four Hey Nah Easy money come on Ten let's go Dre Let's go Dre come on Let's go 11. Let's go Good job baby 12. Jump with a jumper There you go come on Go team Let's go 14. Come on 14. Last one is finish this together come on Come on 15. how y'all feeling great

Three Let them know to die you want right now In a minute fasting 12 hours faster Before I was here now we're eating Exactly and now we're eating he says an Hour because by the time he finishes 12 Hours it's time to go to bed so he only Gonna eat for that amount of time and Then go to sleep I feel great Tired but I feel great Like I always say health as well let's Go take care of yourself how you feeling Baby girl How's your knees feeling good Let's go Feel me it's very important guys to be Optimal to be your optimal self to be The best self that you can be but Look at all this sweat in order to do That You Gotta Eat Right Feel me super important because what we Put in our body could either be deadly Or very healthy for us shout out to These guys for busting that workout Busting busting through that workout Shout outs to the number one counter Right here 10 years You go girl everybody Feel me thank you guys for liking thank You guys for subscribing make sure you Subscribe to the page as well this is Cold water

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