Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

Hey everyone, i’m biggie justice, bikini model from miami florida and today we’re going to do a great workout. That’S going to help you build up and shape your butt. Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

So for the for this workout we’re going to start off with our first exercise, we’re going to be using this resistance band, go ahead and get it on, so we’re going to start with a wide hopping squat with the resistance bands. What you’re going to do is you’re, going to start with your feet, close together and you’re, going to hop out squat down and come back in apart again, come back in so make sure you really go low, see you about back, keep going really push against those Hello, a few more and come back in so you can go ahead and take off the resistance band and put it to the side you can catch. Your breath burst a bit next, we’re going to be doing um 20 deep, jumping squats, so going really low.

Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

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Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

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When you go to a health club or plan to then these are the exercises you’re going to need to do on the health club.
Most health club exercises I see being promoted, and that girls are doing, aren’t very efficient if you would like a pleasant butt. Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

Most health club exercises don’t work! However ours does. You’ll see superb outcomes with our health club exercises.
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My butt is now rounder, larger, and extra lifted and my legs are extra athletic and toned.
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Must-Do Exercises For a Rounder Booty | Glute Workout

Popping up so you’re gon na squat down and hop up, go low, keep going and come up rest again catch your breath, breathe. Now we’ve got 20 in and out hopping squats, so you’re gon na be hopping out and then hopping back in so you’re gon na pop out squat come back come up rest again. If you need it rest, your legs catch your breath. Now we’ve got 30 hopping. Lunges, so these are going to be alternating hopping lunges you’re, going to go until lunch you’re going to hop up, switch going catch your breath again, you need more rest time. Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

You can pause the video take some more rest time now. We have 30 side to side hops, so you’re gon na you get a little spot down. You’Re gon na hop for one side, so yeah they’re, really staying low exploding from side to side keep going goodbye, say hello, exercise we’re going to finish up with 20 hopping squats. It’S gon na know where it stands forward. You’Re gon na squat down and hop up stay low.

Keep your back straight, come up, so that’s it for our butt and leg workout. Hopefully you did along with me once again: i’m vicki justice, please like and subscribe and i’ll see you next time and for the number one workout plan make sure to check out Bubble Butt Building Exercises Beautiful Women’s Fitness Club

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