BROKEN – Bakhar Nabieva – Natural

BROKEN – Bakhar Nabieva – Natural

Bakhar Nabieva @bakharnabieva

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Bahar Nabieva known model and fitness trainer from Azerbaijan thanks to its unique appearance The girl is very popular in social networks, she regularly posts new photos and videos on her Instagram profile has already subscribed to more than three and a half million fans girl pleases them not only pictures of her athletic slender body but also funny everyday photos She looks at life with humor and fans appreciate it not only for sports talents but for the positive and joy to which she willingly shares with them Baha was born in Baku August 4, 1994 satellite .

BROKEN – Bakhar Nabieva – Natural
once saw on tv the Brazilian carnival the participants of which stood out because of the firm legs and voluminous buttocks their type of figure very much liked Bahar and she decided to choose it as an ideal Bahar started training on her own she just did on machines without any program gradually increasing the load on the lower part of the body the girl noticed the result her buttocks and thighs began to gradually increase in volume in parallel with this she studied online experience fitness model and who chose to do powerlifting girl 

go to the gym, she works out several times a week, preferring high loads and intense exercise weight of the girl at a height of 158 cm is 52-58 kg her figure Bahar quite And to the comments of critics tries not to react because her experience proves whatever you look like whatever you do there will always be people who will judge you but will definitely meet and those who will support In spite of everything. BROKEN – Bakhar Nabieva – Natural

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