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[Music] Call it for you [Music] Hello my loves today I’m going to be Taking you guys through a cardio and ab Workouts I know it’s been a minute since I posted thank you guys so much for Being patient and hitting a million Subs On YouTube I’m so blessed but anyways Let’s get into this video Um the first thing I like to do when I Do cardio for my cardio days is take oxy Shred so for those who don’t know Oxyshred is basically a thermogenic And it is essentially a fat burner and It just makes you sweat it has a little Bit of pre-workout Um or caffeine in it so the days that I Don’t feel like taking a caffeine that’s Great for me Um but yeah it makes me sweat a lot when I take this the next thing that I like To do is use the sweet sweat and a sweat Belt please please please note you guys The reason why I’m doing this this is Not a waist trainer or anything I’ve Been taking creatine and one of the Things that um side effects that I’ve Experienced is a lot of water retention In my midsection so essentially what You’re seeing is a lot of bloating and Water weight and that’s why it’s gonna Happen like you know when you take Creatine and stuff like that some people

Don’t but for me it’s a huge difference Like and also keep in mind I’m bulking So bulking versus the water retention And it’s just like a big combination so I personally get a huge like I see a Difference when I use the sweat belt Like I’ll go to boxing and when I do Cardio with it when I’m done like all The water is just gone so I highly Recommend if you guys do are taking Creatine or anything like that again This is not a waist trainer okay so I Just want to make that clear Foreign [Music] I did was an incline walk and the level That it’s on is 12 our incline is on 12. Speed is at three and I did this for 30 Minutes this is a great form Um if you guys are interested in burning Fat obviously diet plays a huge role but If you are somebody that hates doing Like a lot of cardio and stuff like that If you do 30 minutes of just incline Walk Um and obviously the incline is set to High the highest I think some treadmills Do 12 and some do 15 but the highest Um the highest incline and for 30 Minutes you feel if you do that for Maybe like once a day or every depending On what your goals are it’s a great form Of uh fat burning so I highly highly Recommend again for those who don’t

Really like doing cardio or Um Have any restrictions and stuff like That Little things [Music] Okay so the next thing that I did was The row machine again on the level sorry On again for 30 minutes I like to do 30 Minutes of each Um and this was on well when I started It was on the level seven and then I Switched it to level 10. also rowing is A great form of cardio I would hi I Would say rowing and the incline walk Are two of my most favorite Um cardio plus boxing those are the Three main things that I do for cardio But again these are these two things are Things that for those who don’t Um like any strenges or I don’t even know if that’s the word but Again if you don’t want to do that much But at the same time it’s like you’re Burning a lot of fat okay so and Obviously with a good diet plan Um I find that with my older clients Rowan machine or just an incline walk is Best suited for them for those that want To lose weight but anyways overall this Is a great form of workout and again I Did it for 30 minutes I was sweating [Music] All the memories

Next we’re doing the rope climbing Machine Um this machine some gyms have it some Gyms don’t but a lot of gyms don’t Um for those who hate doing upper body I Again this is something that you can Substitute instead of like training Upper body Um I only can do like five to ten Minutes of this and it I it just burns So much but I’ve been telling myself to Do five minutes of this even when I Train upper body but it’s still a great Form of cardio for your upper body I Already said that but yeah same thing I Did for five to ten minutes this is Hard okay like it’s really hard you Think that is the most easiest thing Looking at it or maybe you don’t but I Before I started doing this I thought it Was easy and I would just like knock it Out but that is hard highly Recommend it again for those who don’t Train upper body but want to have toned Arms Um it does essentially everything your Arms your back your core if you flex Your core I was not flexing my core but That’s a tip for that [Music] So that is it for uh sorry for cardio And then after that I jump into I like To knock out my machine abs first before I do my body weight ABS so

Um this is the app crunch machine Um it has three different settings so You can do this straight and then you do The side to side There’s a lock on the machine but I Personally like to do it without the Lock because when you don’t have the Lock on you it’s a little bit harder Because you have to make sure that You’re straight when you’re doing like The middle one not the side to side but I have come to love this machine a lot Um when I’m doing it consistently you Know my abs be popping in it but yeah This is a great machine [Music] Guys for the life of me like in my life Depending on it I honestly do not Remember what this is called comment Down below just to refresh my memory Because it’s bothering me so much and I Still can’t remember what it is but I don’t know There’s no witness got me in my Fields [Music] Okay so after that I am going into well This technically is with a weight one Sorry it wasn’t with the machine so now I’m doing body weight stuff Um this is pretty much gonna be all the Apps that I did make sure you guys pay Attention to the sliding Um text which will tell you what I did So make sure you guys follow and do it

Um I personally like I was saying before I like doing my abs after I do cardio But it also depends on your goals Um so yeah [Music] See you in another time [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] All the memories [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] So that is pretty much it after my Entire workout I ended up doing the Sauna for 45 minutes I’ve been getting Into the habit of using the sauna after My workouts I just be sweating and they Feel so good Um if you guys want to know the benefits Of it Um you can Google I would put the main Things there but anyways thank you guys So much for a million Subs I love you Guys and I hope to see you guys in my Next video please don’t forget to like Comment and subscribe [Music] But now I’m a sinner [Music]

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