Booty Bands Sisters Workout Challenge

Booty Bands Sisters Workout Challenge Bikini Model Lucero 

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Miami Fitness and Bikini Model Lucero and her sister are doing a hard butt workout with bands.

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Challenge workout so this is going to Help you work out your lower body and Grow sexy Ready So first you’re gonna need a band so go Ahead and put the band on So for our very first workout we’re Going to be doing side to side squats You ready yes so is it the same thing as Regular squat but you’re stepping side To side Ready and begin Foreign [Music] Significant other or a family member Just give yourself a little bit of a Challenge a competition in front of your Competition yeah but I’m gonna Learn no reason I feel it right here Foreign . Booty Bands Sisters Workout Challenge Bikini Model Lucero

Today Do you want the first one and now we’re Gonna see if there’s anyone in the Second one All right next up we have a kickback Challenge so we’re just gonna do Kickbacks little Kickbacks alternating Legs you can hold on to the wall or Something for stability and versus you Can last the longest ready three two one Again This is a really good Focus workout if You feel a burn pretty soon Foreign

Booty Bands Sisters Workout Challenge 

Muscle connection and focusing it right On your glutes so you can have the most Important Activation All day Foreign Okay now for this third workout we’re Going to be doing a side kick with these Plastic bands and we’re going to do 10 And Alternate Side so down the left leg Down on the right leg right you ready We’re gonna see who can last the longest Ready Three two one again Now we’re gonna rotate Thank you Very much Very like for me last night for 10. oh yeah And rotate All right one more Expensive and again So you should feel this workout mainly On a gluteus medius this is going to Help you get that side booty and it’s Going to help you flatten your hips Hmm I think this is the last one for me I can push it one more one more , Good job man All right next up we have blue Bridges So we’re just gonna with bands what

You’re gonna do is you’re gonna rust Upward and then you’re gonna open up Your legs and push away so resist Against the band then come right back Down we’re gonna do this until we can Anymore ready three two one begin S I can do this all day I can do this out there to me So remember you go up Stand Down .

Workout Challenge Bikini Model Lucero 

Okay okay You feel the burn yeah I feel the burn So this is known as a compound movement So when we’re going up we’re activating Our gluteus maximus and then when we’re Resisting against the band that’s the Medius That’s why this exercise is so popular And it builds you the biggest boot yes I don’t know if I do this for much Longer I need to do that It’s really burning now but just make Sure you push through I said I think you can do A bit more I can do it you can do it Foreign [Music] So what’s the score what’s the score for That everyone I think it’s three two So for our last workout all we’re going To be doing is squats as a burnout Workout are you ready yes ready so with

Bands you’re going to want to when you Come down drive your knees outward and Come right back up okay Ready three two one Um And since this is our last workout it’s Going to hurt the most because your Boots are very tired and sore but you’re Going to try to push through it as long As you can You’ve got this It’s starting to hurt the cloth Foreign I’ll give you that one So it’s a tie so by default younger Sister wins Yes thank you guys so much for joining Us and we hope you like the challenge go Ahead and try it out and let us know What you think I’ll see you all soon bye Thank you.Booty Bands Sisters Workout Challenge Bikini Model Lucero

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