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Bodyweight workout for Muscle Growth

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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

For some testosterone Yes you can the stuff Let's go let's get it let's go What is your profession Al yo guys man how y'all feeling Ah Straight Out The Gate swinging Goku Pump I'm not playing guys this scenes His head we in the building and of Course we got the strength building Routine for you guys that you'll be able To jam pack your body with nutritional Dress testosterone built-in and body Changing right now look feel me that's My brothers man I'll pop it off Mr sweat check you know The motto no sweat no check if you ain't Sweating you ain't work self-improvement Is on the menu and we gonna eat it Hey G staff in the building got that Menu what we serving we're serving that Self-improvement every day every day we End that up Oh always trying to be better never be Your best go and get better than you Were yesterday let's get it oh the only Deal is you gotta do a pull-up Yeah Come on let's go bro Come on do it Bro come on There you go bro Son Good Oh

Nothing Yeah Yeah yeah Let's get it Let's get it man come on Yeah let's go ah let's go Now we're dying his death Okay okay You can right yeah you just did it right Yeah remember and never stop never stop You gotta be prepared for it you heard Me straight so we're about to do like 20 Pull-ups I guess and then like 40 Push-ups like three to five sets yeah at Least for three to five cents yeah bro 20. Do good sentence I got my 40. Let's go Okay Right now Five six seven eight nine ten eleven Twelve thirteen fourteen yeah Brother 20 let's go It's every season one we always hungry We always start Oh Wow Let's Go six go seven eight oh yeah Five six in the floor seven look at that Hey okay nine twenty hey let's go paint Three two three Eight nine y'all here Come on come on seven yeah eight yeah

Nine ah manifestation Sacrificing his body for that pain for That glory and all that changed Six seven Eight yes nine ten yes eleven Twelve Thirty fourteen fencing Seventy higher 18 yes 19 yes yes King we've got you with sending you that Energy let's go clean oh yeah four four Five five six seven eight nine ten Eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen Sixty Seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty One two three four five six seven eight Nine Whatever you do with posts you double With pushes it's a marriage You're not why are you here why are you Here man that's gonna be a reason Next this turned Boys to Men And Men to Gods men let's go three Four Five it's six seven Eight Nine let's go ten eleven Twelve yeah now you're inspire me 49 years Now I wanna do this let's go to the School let's go come on 91 more for you let's go 40. 40 of them bad boys Three four five oh yeah six seven eight Nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen Fifty sixty count 17 18 19 20 one two Three let's go four five six six seven

Yeah eight yeah Let's go You win Yeah Everybody go get it hey I'm not Standby go get it I love you go get what You want yeah One two three four five six seven eight Nine twenty four one two three four five Six seven eight nine thirty ten more ten More let's go two three four five six Seven three more eight eight two more Nine last one let's go It's going down Oh yeah my phone go ahead Brody sorry Bro let's go bro everybody Yes Yes I'll take that let's work Let's go yeah do it for them Let's go three let's go let's go let's Go let's go Cameron What are you doing at home Do all of them like that one back again Let's go For the pain get my camera man shout out To that pain man he tapped in Self-improving on the menu sweat check No model you know the motto no sweat no Check Cameraman man Especially for that Oh But we never stopped Oh my God

What find water in the workout Sometimes To keep going gotta find a reason to Keep going sometimes you gotta laugh at It oh man the Beast Yeah he is that's why they call him Broly man Unlimited energy Sometimes I gotta action for some of That because Too much energy man give me some of that Give me some of that energy Let's go Feels amazing for the people Let's go Vacation Consistency let's get it let's go You need his music right now it's just just fun that that find that level Just keep going because sometimes it's Like what we gonna do what we yeah This pain is here You Wanna Stop but Guess what yeah Never stop Word never stop That's what happens when you stop take Off the shoes sometimes let's go okay Let's go try not so I'm saying right now Let's go what you doing y'all doing all Like that doing all like that that's the Rest let's go let's go what number you At let's go Let's go keep going Just saying man come on

Let's go Let's go Goku finish strong come on two More let's go one more Let's go You gotta bring it back up let's go Let's go five something Come on G let's get a g It's breakfast 11. 13. let's go fourteen Fifteen sixteen They're aspiring right eat it finally Two more man get your mouth So you put an extra in let's go Let's go That's how you change This is what happened yo get the people All around man That's how you change man One two three four yeah five It's easy the sun is down Twenty twenty more dollars The sun is down You heard me say that let's go Gotta never stop come on come on come on Come on Come on Man come on Let's go forward Turn up Come on Two more Let's Get it

It's been a long time it's a long time Coming we find them That's what we do motivated Let's get it too let's go Mr sweat check Man Let's get this sweating man let's go she Won't Sweatshirt Let's go Foreign What you left which man not a mortal one Two three four all the way up Love you No let's go one two three let's go four Five six let's go hey yes ten oh Gorilla God Super Saiyan yes Stop Oh Bro what are you doing Feel the pain you're making me worse The pain only stops when you finish the Work Sets of this that yeah We're doing fine that I was doing This so far It's not enough Never stop Let's go Okay Come on the prolly Yeah Come on come on Let's go let's go hey we're trying to

Right here let's go let's get it bro This is inspiring what are you doing at Home Are you sitting on the couch Are you eating cookies and chips not Right now You're eating cookies Oh man That get a whole chicken Oh in my you know look at him I'm sorry He might eat a human being look at that man Nah so next I'll go let's go Oh yeah And now look right here It's good at half time that's 10. let's Go one let's go Let's Do it let's go On Yeah It's good that's good come on yeah Let's go you're stopping you stop to Breathe Go home bro Let's go let's go Yeah oh yeah yes that's beautiful that's Perfect that's push-ups yes yes yes yes Gohan yes yes Bro why you stopping bro You're making it worse but stop it Never stop let's use the mics Use the legs Come on come on come on come on come on

Let's go come on man come on Come on let's go come on come on come on Come on Thank you Go let's go Yes Love you I love it I love it Everybody come around me oh gosh yes Give me energy right now Energy Yeah Yes let's go Yes go yes go let's go To the energy man feel that energy let's Go let's go Never fail never thought you were like That even while being in day Today feel me yeah next let's go Let's go go crazy the sun came up Let's go now it gets back to being Difficult finally Stop Never fall sir Never we always so good let's go Yeah that You know let's go you're gonna break Let's go yeah leave that man one two Three four five three four five six Seven eight nine ten let's go two three Four five six seven eight seven Nine yes yes you gotta smile through it You gotta laugh through it yes Never Stop

Ninja Let's go Let's go Let's go Come on let's go how many more Bro come on never stop Let's go Let's go Let's go Right here the kicks is coming next bro I'm about to load it up y'all gonna feel Bad The more you stop The more I take it Let me know what you got animal push-ups Bro yeah ah Good Man All right guys you know what son I'm satisfied man I want to break this Whole off and end up breaking my Body and it seems like guys just tired We feeling it too so I think we're Satisfied with how we feel today it's Pretty good guys you guys are pretty Good we did horrible earlier We did a little bit better this time Can do better next time yeah huh would You guys mind if I think everything oh Yeah bro you know if you want to pull up Though You want Me Why

Computer Let's go No matter where you at no matter where You from if you are a Saiyan Oh Yeah Because we selling testosterone Wait Make sure you smash that like button Smash that subscribe button smash every Single thing that you attract smash Every single thing that you're attracted To don't smash my girl especially his Girl And guys don't forget about my Pros Their Pages as well if you follow me Y'all support me support my Bros as well What's your page Bros Smash the like button Smash the Subscribe button it's a sweat Chat no sweat no check you're my brother Man hey smash everything I don't smash All girlfriends hey I'ma tell you Something follow me at your staff hey More content to come self-improvement Every day your boy table never folds man Expect you can follow me on IG follow me On YouTube follow me on Tick Tock I'm Only inspiring to get better you can Never be our best we can only get better Self-improvement always being sure Just release that energy one time you Ready Yo guys I can't be any more satisfied

You brought the Sun out it makes It more difficult yeah y'all ready let's Go Pretty much

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