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Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation



As we speak’s Exercise: Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise (W3D3)

30 seconds – air squats
30 seconds – bounce squats
30 seconds – bounce rope – boxer skip
30 seconds – air squats + calf elevate
30 seconds – entrance squat faucets
30 seconds – bounce rope – boxer skip
30 seconds – lunges
30 seconds – leaping lunges
**relaxation 10 seconds between workout routines
**full circuit 3-5x (3 newbie, 5 for superior)


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We’Ve linked up our getting lean course for you and right below that. We’Ve also put the jump rope that we’re going to use throughout this video i’ll, also link it up in the right hand, corner screen right now, let’s get into it, yeah go ahead: bro, yeah yep!

Here we go all right, zandu nation. We are starting off as we typically do, with 20 jumping jacks 10 air squats, 10 front, lunges 5 on each leg and then 10 push-ups. Okay, no getting around this! If you’re a beginner. I want you guys doing the warm-up three times.

If you feel a little bit more advanced two times is fine. We just want to minimize injury during the actual workout itself. Brandon great form great form over over here already fantastic yeah, all right, deep nice and deep with the squats guys. You want to go 90 degree angle or a little bit lower with the top part of your leg in the bottom now next for these front lunges, the biggest thing that you want to be doing here is making sure see how brandon’s knee is not coming over. His toe, that’s because he’s taking a big step forward and pushing back up with his heels to activate his glute.

That’S how you want to be doing it. You don’t want to be pushing off with your toes okay, that is a no-no and push-ups 10 push-ups. To finish guys notice here again, brandon’s arms are not just standing out here like this. That can hurt the rotator cuff they’re in nice and tight he’s using mostly his tricep. For this that’s the way you want to do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a breather. Let’S take a breather: let’s take a breather: let’s breathe, it’s really hot yeah, all right go again, guys 20 jumping jacks, fantastic form. There fantastic form, yeah! We get hit up by a lot of people who are like. That’S not the right jump. Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation

That’S not the right jumping jack for him and honestly. What even is that looks pretty good to me looks like he’s getting nice and warmed up. So, even if you want to do them like with your hands going like that front, that’s cool as well. Zen dude nation just get warmed up all right. Yes, yes, good variation, you can do you can do the zendude squat, which is folding your hands in the praying position, fantastic and then front lunges, guys, i’m going to say this about a thousand times during the workout and those of you who watch our youtube channel.

Already know that i say this a thousand times during every workout: it’s not about the time. It’S about the intensity that you’re putting into it. You are going to see brandon throughout this workout be like extremely sweaty and just not wanting to finish the workout. That’S that’s real. We don’t want to show you guys a workout where we’re just crushing it we’re not really that sweaty.

We want to show you the real version of how this should look like laying on the ground gasping for air by the end of it type of workout. That’S the only way the the body is going to adapt and change. Ladies and gentlemen, go ahead. Air squat, so just like the warm-up guys now we’re just going for what i want. You guys to try and complete is 20 15 to 20 repetitions for each 30-second duration, brandon fantastic form.

That’S some zen dude form right. There, ladies and gentlemen, knees are jutting out to the sides. He’S got his knees placed about shoulder width apart, he’s coming down the entire way and activating all the right muscles on the way up. Good two one done guys jump, squats jump, jump, squats next guys, good. Now for jump squats exactly the form does not.

You should not have bad forms. These your form should stay exactly the same, and then what when you’re coming up you’re just exploding slightly off the ground? You don’t need to jump up to the ceiling and over exert yourself, but just jump they’re, tough man, they tough, come on b, come on b good and two one done come on. Ladies and gentlemen, boxer skip all we’re doing is alternating the weight of the feet from the right to left right to the left, brandon, very good, look in shred city, if i might, if i might add, if i might add good, ladies and gentlemen, keep the intensity Up for the duration of this workout, i don’t care what you have going on today. You have time to do the thing so make it happen.

Three two one and done go ahead. Air squats with calf raise guys air squats with calf raise. So it’s a regular air squat, but when brandon comes up, his heels are lifting off the ground and he is floating into the air like a butterfly, not really just like a zen dude like a zen dude. Would you know good 10 seconds guys 10 seconds left and these don’t have to be, you don’t have to be doing them fast? We care more about form than we do speed three two one and done so brandon’s doing what he’s doing here is squatting down and then, when he comes up he’s just moving the feet back and forth and kind of uh. Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation

How would you say that i don’t know what word i’m looking for? What do they call that stagger step, stagger steps brandon’s station, the good old stagger he’s coming down into a squat and then he’s staggering his feet. Ten seconds left guys. Here we go six. Five.

Four three: two one and done: , again nice and easy nice and easy picture yourself. As you know, rocky balboa getting ready for a fight you just zoned in baby, just ah good guy. You don’t have to make those noises, though you can, if you want guys, you know what you are free during these workouts to do whatever the hell you want to do, if you want to scream like a madman or if you want to like, if you want To cry, or if you want to laugh, you can do all that. That’S what zendonation’s about being 100 yourself, two one bronzing great form, yeah great form. You guys, like my brother’s form, it’s very good!

It’S very good, and i know this is tough guys. I know it’s difficult. This is not an easy workout do the best that you can, if, but what i don’t want you guys to do is sacrifice your form so that you’re doing trying to do super fast, reps notice, how brandon is just keeping a nice steady rhythm throughout all of These workouts he’s not over exerting himself jumping lunges. Now all brandon’s doing is just lunging and then shifting again see look how his knees do not come over his toes. That’S because he’s still taking a big step out, even when he’s jumping now.

This might be a little weird at first, because b, how you feeling bro he’s hurt. It can be a little painful, but my man is still getting through it. He don’t care, they painful two one done: that’s So go ahead: air squats guys air squats! Now, let’s now these your legs are going to be burning by the end of this workout work through the pain, because guys, it’s only 30 minutes.

It’S only 30 minutes that doesn’t even like one episode of how i met your mother is like 30 minutes. That’S such a short period of time during the day for you to just get in and work out, so just work out. Just do the thing all right! Three two and one very good jump, squats, guys good, very good, b exerting. I see the sweat starting, sweat city.

If you are doing these correctly, even if you’re in a cold place, you should be very sweaty good. Here we go man good guys, 10 seconds left 10 seconds left when you think remember the human body. We only push ourselves to about 40 percent of what we can actually accomplish when you feel like you can’t go anymore, skip guys, alternating just like muhammad ali or rocky all that creed or manny, pacquiao or floyd mayweather insert the name of another boxer or fighter good 15 seconds halfway there guys halfway there, nice nice, good, steady rhythm, good, steady rhythm, you don’t want to completely kill yourself so that you can’t even do the last circuit, but you want to be progressively pushing yourself harder and harder. squats with calf raise good, 15 15 seconds guys halfway. There come on come on zandu nation. Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation

What’S up players yeah, but you didn’t think i did that in the middle of workouts just at the beginning. Well, i did because i want to know what’s up with show one done on squat taps guys coming down staggering the feet coming back into a squat, we’re coming down staggering the feet back into a squat stagger back, stagger back very nice 15 seconds, guys 15 seconds 10 seconds come on, ladies and gentlemen, and five four, three two and one done very go ahead. Boxes skip box is skipping now guys. This might seem like overwhelming at first, if you’re, a beginner or, if you’ve never worked out before, and you just want to learn how to lose some weight. Initially, just do two of these circuits.

Just do three of them. You don’t need to do the whole five, don’t be intimidated by the workout. Yes, they’re meant to be super intense, but if you’re just starting off, you can do one or two and be fine. Three, two one nice, very good, very good. Yes, send master rep, zen master rep, just getting it in you know.

This is uh guys, i’m not gon na. Tell you more just. Do the thing just do it when you wake up without any motivation, do you think brandon and i wake up every day and we’re like super psyched, to work out no some days we’re more psyched than other days and the days where we’re not psyched just do It you don’t need . Here we go, jumping lunges, guys everything you got everything you got come on. Zendou nation come on zendu nation.

If you get intense, then you’re done for the day. You don’t have to do this anymore, so get up get this done and go have fun. Good man come on, come on 10 seconds, good job b, see he’s struggling, he’s struggling! That’S how you should look, that’s exactly how you should look, let out a grunt. Let out a grown or two go ahead and done: third circuit.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are just about halfway through dig deep here, find that little part of you deep down inside that’s like yo, i’m trying to be sexy. I’M trying to be sexy and i’m trying to be happy. No more of this. You know feeling feeling crappy anymore. Okay, find that part of you and put it in your head during this workout.

It’S only 30 minutes five seconds, guys five seconds three, two one and done jump squat, nice, fantastic notice, guys brandon, is definitely more exhausted than the first circuit, but he’s still exerting the same amount of energy. That’S what you want to be doing – and we were just talking about this – this is going to burn a lot because of the lactic acid buildup. If you have not been doing these types of workouts, but trust me, the more you do them the easier they will become five seconds guys come on three two one and jump rope boxer skip jump, rope, boxer skip nice, nice get after it guys get after it. Come on and i believe when this video is released, it’s going to be monday, so there’s nothing better than getting back on track to your week than just you know, giving yourself a nice little kick in the ass with one of these workouts 10 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, three two one 15 seconds, ladies and gentlemen, come on zendoo nation have fun with it too. Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation

You should be working out with a friend i always work out with my buddy. You should work out with your buddy seven six, five. Four. Three two and one right now front squat, taps nice, man, squat and then stagger squat, stagger, squat, stagger good good, ladies and gentlemen, come on 13 seconds come on, keep it going, keep it going you’re done after this, you don’t have to do anything else. So just stay with us guys stay with us five, four three two and then you have one and then you move ahead.

Ladies and gentlemen, man, i don’t know about you, but i would much rather prefer to stay lean while traveling around the world and looking cool, jumping rope than being in a gym all the time. Now it’s not for everyone, but here at zen, new fitness guys, our fitness brand is more about living an epic life than it is having the most muscular perfect body, six, five, four, three, two one: if you mess up lunches, baby yeah, you think you’re in shape And then you do a zen fitness, workout and you’re, like i don’t think i’m in shape good guys push through these last two exercises last two exercises. Then we only have two more circuits you’re, this much closer to not having to do anything else. The rest of the day, hallelujah good, guys, seven seconds, five: four: three dos uno, sero good way to maintain that form b. That’S what i’m talking about my man over here does not slack on form. Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation

That’S exactly what i want you guys to do as well. Good man come on, keep going guys 15 seconds halfway there, let’s go, let’s go good and slow it down. If you need to slow it down. If you need to six five seconds four, two and one , guys fourth circuit we’re in the fourth quarter here, let’s make sure to continue to turn up the heat, nothing really different than what i said the last circuit, because nothing really changes. I think it’s pretty common in fitness, for people to want more or something new or for me to say something different to get you through this workout just do it just keep going, keep going and don’t stop until it’s over alright five seconds four seconds three seconds: Two seconds one second go ahead, still maintaining that form good, be good nice and, if you guys do need to rest.

What i would recommend is that you you rest for like a split second or two, just like brandon’s doing one second or two and then back down into it good guys. Ten good keep going guys, keep going three two one: , just give up next guys boxers give up next. We only have this is our third third to last four, actually, fourth to last last, fifth, to last fifth, the last jump rope exercise of this workout good, be halfway. There come on guys come on. Ladies and gentlemen, i know you’re tired.

I know you want some food you’re about to get some okay just push through the rest of this workout. Ladies and gentlemen, five four three, two one good brandon, maintain the form guys. The biggest thing is that you maintain the form we don’t necessarily can’t necessarily care if you lower your frequency, we just care that your form is staying on point so make sure that it is halfway there, guys 15 seconds 15 seconds good. Ladies and gentlemen, also, while you’re going through these workouts guys and you’re like dude, this is so hard. This is so difficult.

Why don’t you take a second to recognize how much opportunity front squat taps so guys, while you’re going through this workout and while you’re thinking damn this sucks? This is really hard. Why don’t you just be grateful for the fact that we get to do these workouts together, like brandon, and i get to make a workout and hit upload on youtube? And then we get to work out with you guys, like some of you’re from all different countries? How cool is that less than 10 guys we got seven seconds five, four three, two one you’re done, ladies and gentlemen, boxer skip boxer skip here.

We’Re almost done with this circuit so continue the intensity. Ladies and gentlemen, brandon has a nice film of sweat around him. That’S how you want to look you want, you want to look a certain way like you know, people come up to you and they, like are about to give you a hug and they’re like ew. Like that’s, how you want to look, you want to look slow, so sweaty that you turn people away, or maybe you attract them. I don’t know. Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation

Maybe some people are into your pheromones and they, like your sweat, done. One go good guys just coming down straight. Nothing! Fancy about these just put the work in put the work in. I hope you guys are also enjoying the music that you’re currently currently listening to um, we like to go to soundcloud and just find random cool artists.

So if you have suggestions for songs or if you’re a creator – and you have cool songs that you want to put into these videos – email us contact,, three, two go ahead, guys, jumping lunges, jumping lunges! Now it’s okay to slow down the frequency. Again as long as you’re making sure that your form is staying intact, i know dan. You said that at least 100 times now, but guys look if you’re going to be fit.

If you’re going to get healthy, you got to make sure that you’re doing the exercises right to prevent injury, because if you’re injured, then you’re definitely not going to be getting the exercises in good, come on guys five seconds dig deep, zen dude nation: let’s go two One air squats, ladies and gentlemen, fifth and final circuit, you’ve made it this far do not give up on yourself. Now, let’s go. I know i joke a lot. That was me being actually very serious. You’Ve made it to this point finish the last circuit with your utmost maximum effort, yeah your utmost maximum effort: okay, you’re ume, it’s a new thing that we created in zendid fitness utmost maximum effort four seconds and done jump.

Squat jump, squat, good b, now notice. Here, good he’s, slowing down the frequency, but not not giving up on that form very good guys. Nice be 15 seconds halfway. There come on guys last circuit, give it everything you got, leave it all out on the floor or the cement or the rubber mat. You know how that saying goes like leave it all all out on the floor, we’ll leave it on whatever surface you happen to be on one and done box to skip.

Ladies and gentlemen, look at my man sweating. Look at me sweating! That’S how you want to look guys. I know that i’m not sweating, because i’m i did a workout yesterday or on friday, but that’s how you should look okay 15 seconds halfway there, ladies and gentlemen, come on guys come on zendu nation. Like we talk about, like we talked about on friday’s workout, the way that you approach these workouts is the way that you show up in your own life, your business, your relationships, your lifestyle, [, Music, ], air squats with calf race.

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, come on zen new fitness. We don’t care if you’re 60 years old, if you’re 15 years old, you can go at your max intensity and still lose weight and get lean. Okay, so pick it up. Last circuit. You’Ve made it this far, just just go.

The whole way come on ten seconds, good, good, guys, five, four, three, two one and zero go ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, front squat, taps squatting down and then staggering the squat and the stagger very good 20 seconds left guys. Come on push it you’re more than halfway through the workout. Let’S finish good guys, 10 seconds left 10 seconds left when you’re starting to feel shitty and when it’s hard, that’s when a zen, dude or zen dudette pushes through that pain and gets to the other side, because it’s all [ Music ] box just give guys last Jump rope exercise of this entire workout make it count, make it count there. You go good b, good man, my man’s been working hard, he’s working hard. Body weight Legs + Soar Rope Exercise Health Motivation

That’S why he’s lean? That’S? Why he’s lean? Because he’s consistent 15 15.Let’s go guys come on 10 seconds left come on zendu nation guess what the workout’s almost over?

It’S probably party time cause it’s monday lunges, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to do the easy ones now, because the ones that are not easy are coming up next and last, very good form. Brandon, continue that, even through the last exercise, keep your form on point. Don’T give up on yourself guys good 15 seconds left, then dude, fitness 15 seconds left check it out. Now it’s only 10 seconds see how i did that there i said it twice and it wasted more time now, there’s only five seconds: three, two one done: jumping lunges, guys last exercise of this circuit of this workout of this day. Let’S get after it finish, it guys come on.

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