Foreign welcome back to my channel and I am Back with another Vlog its been a Minute since I did one but anyways lets Get straight into it. For my birthday, I Decided to try out eye tips and I Absolutely love them. If you guys are in Toronto, make sure you guys go check out Mailing links. She is the sweetest person Ever she killed my hair in the best way Possible. She straightened it cut it and It ended up looking so good and so far Ive really been liking, loving eye tips, Its made my life so much easier And anyways.

On the Thursday. The day Before my birthday, I decided to take you Guys with me anyways, because I got a new Camera and I wanted to get into the Habit of vlogging because you guys are Always asking for Vlogs. But I was Getting ready to go train clients. And This is the studio that I trained my Clients at Um. If you guys are interested in One-on-one personal training, I will have The link down below you.

Guys can sign upIf. You are in Toronto, okay, so yeah. I Love this studio. So much train all my Clients. Thank you.

Thank you. So I had some time to kill and I decided To do a workout for myself. You know Because I knew I was going to eat bad Anyways for my birthday. You know so I Didnt want to have any guilt or feel Bad about eating bad. So I was like.

Let Me just work out, and hopefully Everything that I eat will go straight To my ass and I ended up having a really Really good workout, as you can see later On, like my pump, was insane and make sure You guys check out my Instagram For the Photo that I posted Um yeah recently, I have been Ive gotten So much bigger and my bulk has been Amazing. I will do a what I eat During my bulk dirty bulk for you guys, Because you guys are also always asking Me and yeah  Hey , Okay, and on the day of my birthday, I Decided to do a 8 50 a.m. Pilates class With my friend I dont, even know why I Made myself go through this its been a Minute since I did Pilates and I was inA really silly. Goofy mood this entire Class.


I was laughing and not taking it Seriously, but whatever it was my Birthday. So I could do what I want: okay, [ Music ] Was a great class, and after that I went To the Christmas Market with my Boyfriend. Did some shopping ate some Great food and enjoy [ Music ] Zooming out I like that elephant thing Where You dont, like that . Thank you. Everybody

It is 4 40. My lips are so dry its 4 42 Right. Now, Yes, the food was good. You can tell that The food was good. It was on my story.

You Can clearly tell More detail Details like because it could look good, But it doesnt mean that it was actually Good, okay. Well, it was very good. I showed the plate of the last one And you guys can tell that one. Yes, Really good hes watching his Thing, but And then we have dinner tonight again. I Dont even know if Im gon na be able to HaveSpace The food coma is coming And Im very tempted to just say: lets Stay in tonight.

Okay, go you idiot, Hunk, You guys Dont, even judge me look at how messy my Get ready room is Because were moving, So I have so much everywhere. Now my battery is about to die Im just Getting ready because were getting Were going bowling. Finally, my hair Myself now I have to sit down on the Floor and get ready and my knees are hurting At least its like volume Yeah, because I went to her To go get my Some more extensions in because a few Fell out. It is my first time so like Just about to do my makeup really quick Light. This morning slept went to go, get more Extensions in my hair, Because a few fell out when I washed it And now Yeah Just doing light makeup, because Im Gon na have to take my makeup off when Were doneAgain.


I dont know if you guys are like this But like for me. I wear my different Makeup. I wear my makeup differently in the Daytime versus at night time. I do it Just a little bit differently. You know: , Hello, yeah, Happy, Happy birthday To happy birthday to my Annabella, happy Birthday,.

I love you too yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah Im Im just getting ready right now Nicholas and I are gon na go bowling. Oh okay, are you going to come tomorrow, Yeah yeah, it will be around around three Or four.

You give me up. Okay, Ill, tell Nicholas That. Well, we can come pick you up, then, Okay, yeah, because Thank you. I love you too yeah Foreign. That is my boyfriends grandma.

She is The funniest person ever. She honestly is Like me or no, I would say, Im more like Her shes, the funniest person ever and Shes, so spicy Im gon na insert a clip If I can find one like shes, just theFunniest person ever Im gon na try my Best To use my Camera tonight, if not, then I Will Try to use my phone Im trying to avoid Using my phone to Vlog, because the Quality is just not the same and it Really pisses me off, which is why I got This camera so because its small and Its easier To take around so Im, really Hoping That It works see now my hair is frozen up Again, but honestly, .I kind of like it Like this because it makes it look more Natural. Maybe I dont know me at this point: Im not Even picky. I will take what I get okay, I dont have time, and this is Exhausting okay, getting ready everything Is so tiring Um.

I just wanted to say quickly because You know the picture that I posted Ive Been getting so much love for this Birthday Um. I feel so happy so blessed so lucky And thankful Um, I feel, like Im, always been the type Of person that just didnt really care About birthdays, honestly, like the older And its and its, not even like I Havent like when I was growing up, my Family, Always went Fall out for my birthday and I feel likeJust for me Um. I just dont really care about it Anymore, and that was the way that I felt Like last year and I think the year Before that and I think Um this year. I definitely made more Effort and Im happy that I did Um And even though I dont drink, I can still do activities and stuff like That that doesnt involve drinking. You Know so either way, Im really thankful.

I Love you guys so much and Im really Excited for the new year honestly To move start fresh, some new goals and Things that Ive been working on and Myself Um Yeah Im just really really excited and Im very thankful Im, not crying, though Its just hair. In my eye, But I need to brush my eyelashes too, But yes Um. Thank you guys so much for the love Uh on my birthday very, very special and Were not technically done celebrating It. Yet tomorrow will be the last day, Um that I do with my girls, so Im really Thinking, Im, really really excited and Even just like getting this new camera, Its making vlogging Fun. You know instead of my phone or my Big ass camera, that doesnt, even I cant Even be taking around with me to beVlogging like that, but anyways now Im Talking too much Im gon na see you guys When we get bowling.


Okay, Remember good! You know So! Yeah thats my outfit And Thats it. I will see you guys When we get there. Okay, Im gon na try, Batman, Look at him.

He put his name as Batman. Okay lets see. If you can do this one Yay. Let me teach you a little something, But even with names. Okay lets go big mouth

That was pretty good Foreign. Oh shut up. You always have to have an Excuse Me.Honestly, if it wasnt for the fact that I had a brunch to do tomorrow, I would Have just taken them off Youre, so annoying I would have taken. I would have taken it off like I got Done, but tomorrow I dont want to look Ratchet for my soIt got salt in my eye. God, Usually I beat him at everything:

It is Sunday and I am getting ready to Leave. I wanted to wear heels, But Its snowing so Im stuck with These Giving principal its giving church its Giving tea its giving Grandma, But I actually really like it so Yeah, [, Music, ] And then one no somebody somebody they Catch them. I dont know what he was. They put him like on a with the Handcuffs Say: hi hi to my followers, Oh hi. How are you Shes my princess Im here with Chris Chris Yeah yeah, say hi hi Yeah, My granddaughter.

She have a birthday Today, special birthday. I came here to Celebrate the birthday of Annabelle and Because Im gon na kick okay Whats, that Cheers, Cheers [ Applause ]! Thank you. [ Applause ] Thank youHappy birthday; Okay, Its so nice, Im, sorry from Across everyone. I could only catch like A small little yeah.

Thats, what happens when you work out For him? Yeah, Oh Yeah, make sure shes got put both of Them under there, make it sturdy and make Sure you plug it in. I left you a plug And theres one here right here: Good job,

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