Bikini Home Abs Workout for Sexy Stomach!!

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Miami Fitness and Bikini Model Lucero is showing you an quick abs workout she does at home.

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Hey everyone it’s mindless raleo here And today I’m going to put you guys Through a sexy ab workout so you can Look good in your bikinis ready so first We’re going to start with our legs flat Our feet straight like so and we’re Gonna do what I like to call straight Leg crunches so what you’re going to do Is you’re going to Crunch up Or your legs are straight like this Now really make sure you get your Shoulder blades off the ground you guys Got this let’s do this for about 30 reps Ready go Okay Foreign Good job everyone next exercise we’re Going to be doing scissor kicks so You’re gonna put your hand on your butt Like so And you’re just gonna crisscross like This You should really feel this working your Lower abs You guys got this We’re gonna do about 25 reps of those All right good job everyone next we’re Gonna do leg drops so we’re gonna do Similar put your hands under here gonna Bring both your legs up I’m just going to drop them down and Bring them right back up So we’re gonna do this for about 25 reps Ready go

Foreign There you go All right good job everyone now we’re Gonna go into bicycle crunches So what you do is you’re going to bring Your opposite elbow to opposite knee While you extend the other leg And then do the same thing to the other Side we’re gonna do this for about 30 Reps are you ready Let’s begin Courageous All right good job everyone You see it wasn’t so bad you should Really feel your abs burning right now Okay so next what we’re gonna do is toe Touches so what you have to do for this One is bring your feet up Then you’re going to try to reach for Your toes you should really feel that Working your upper abs now we’re going To do about 25 toe touches ready let’s Go All right good job everyone That’s it for toe touches now we’re Gonna do something similar to what we Did before we’re gonna do single leg Drops so you’re going to bring your feet Up like this and drop one leg at a time As that one comes up the next one comes Down Simple enough ready we’re gonna do about 30 reps of those Let’s go you guys got this

And that’s it for like drops you guys Good job it’s ready for your abs burning Now Now we’re gonna go into hip raises so Hand under the butt like before and You’re just gonna raise your hips okay All right good job guys next exercise We’re gonna get into are called ankle Touches so what you’re going to do is You’re going to bring your lower back Off the ground and you’re gonna touch Your ankles like so now we’re going to Do about 30 reps of those ready Let’s Get It Go On Um And that’s it for ankle touches good job Guys You guys can go ahead and take a water Break if you’d like I know I could use One Go ahead and get some water Take a little break All right good job now the last exercise We’re gonna do is regular crunches They’re just going to bring your legs up Like this You’re just going to Crunch up we’re Going to do this for about 30 reps ready Last exercise now so push yourselves Guys let’s go That You All right good job everyone thank you so

Much for joining me for this workout I Hope you guys liked it and if you did go Ahead leave a thumbs up thank you so Much again and have a wonderful day bye

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