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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

Yourself Affair it's your boy favor Again today we got a g staff we got Goku Punk and we got boy two times Yeah today We about to hit the weights and that's All calisthenics today we talking Weights so we're gonna put this man on a Little something today a little training We used to do but you know what enough Talking let's get into it let's work Let's work Thank you That's right here look it look it look It looked good not easy right let's see Let's see if we get through Working oh yeah I'm gonna need your help Man look easy It's not as easy as it looks yeah yeah Let's go nine Challenge you got the Easy Money Easy Money easy money Easy Money four five Yo You guys see the puck man Yeah All the time Are you working Seven let's work you working yeah hey Yeah we worth it nine yeah Ask the grass you got one okay that's The grass Hey Nine Ten

Uh-huh This works six four more uh-huh seven Three more Eighty two more Last one Let's work The money Nine ninety percent last one Can't drop the bar you gotta hold the Ball throughout the whole workout okay Okay let's get it yeah I'm next let's go come on Come on all right so first is uh I'm Going curly all right curl it we ain't Dropping the bar Go two before He cashing it out all right bros man Let's go let's go bro Yeah get that back here we go get that Back get that back I'll see that back yeah yeah look at the Muscles man wow look at the muscles Right there you see this Bricks right there that's brick that's Bricks let's go Deadlifts yeah Let's go That's the only break you take let's go Look at them hamstrings I want to see That stretch Look at that oh it's chicken Let's go look at his back Come on let's work let's work let's work Let's wait let's go right here get right

Back yo nah come on Let's work okay ask the grass yeah ass All the way to the grass all right Freely let's go let's work Goku Let's go Ask the grass you know the deal huh Let's go Let them see the quads See it yeah look at that look at that Look at that you can't get that from Town standing there's no way you gotta You gotta wait for that y'all Come on what's next So over here And get under the bar So yeah so So go ahead show them Exactly Goose y'all this is what y'all do oh Yeah I learned it for now come on Come on Let's go Yeah it look easy Let's go you're almost done man You got one more Let's go Thrusters man That's the grass man get your ass Exactly sure Look at that wow look at that it's a Full body workout legs abs Don't forget the back You gotta do Master one for the back I Want them to see the back yo come on Let's go yeah

That was money bro I like that yeah Let's eat all right Will be curls man curls yes bro Look at that this man's biceps man I Need you to get that bicep action right There See that you hear that Story yeah g look at that uh-huh That's right come on last one Rose you already know oh you see why you Did oh okay okay let's go come on he Getting freaky with it Get that man back Look at that shoot look at that this is The gorilla right here that's better That's what I call them gorilla I see it Look at them shoulders right here look At them shoulders yo see that action Let's work G yeah yeah it's gonna work Yeah that's what I like yo get it What's this yeah Deadlifts come on stretch them stretch It out Stretch it up Stretch it up Are you giving us that double double tap Let's work G you know yeah Let's go Five let's get it I have time yo they Think they're saying a lot it's a lot yo Let's work you get that pump get that Pump bro Look at that look at him you see his Body you see it vibrating yeah let's go

Get your money Get your money Come on man you're almost done Let's go let's go squash bro let's go Ask the grass you know the rules Squat down Yeah Worry good money go Let's work Come on yeah you got it you almost done Let's go you got it wow Your money Six let's go Yeah you got it be with you crazy Work you got it He about to hit his face about to do it You know what you're about to do oh man Your hand cleans man you know let's go Your hand cleaning give me that money Bro come on let your money come on this Is what he do he do this Two I smell power lift yo see the way This man used to look it was crazy yo And he was doing all this this man been Strong You got it bro you know what it is Let's go Come on To the sky To the sky bro let's go get your money Man You're almost done I know I know how I Feel sick show is giving us school I Know seven why are we here why are we

Here self-improvement Two more ah nice get your money get your Money man get your money How you feeling oh I feel good man you Feel good that's a good ass puff let's Go man sorry man last but not least what We got first man you already know what The deal is we got first we won't curl That stuff this is what you do let's get It man it's too easy It's two weeks I might need to throw on 10 pounds on Them for him Let's go What's mine what's next chance squash Bros You know the Bible Look at that yeah look at that look at That look at that look at that look at This look at that all right let's get it Let's get it Sam what's next that's what You do bro My [ __ ] was trash but now I know what to Do you see the form Look at his packs yo look at look at That the middle Full body workout yo what's next you Already know what bust this yeah give it To him All right What about Four four come on come on come on we got Five more let's go six four more let's Get it more let's go let's go

Let's Get It Go Stop playing with us man sweat check you Know the model no sweat no check if you Ain't swear you ain't work Self-improvement Always on the menu when we gonna eat dog Check out the pup man like my man said Like subscribe smash everything but our Girls Let's go get money y'all cameraman gotta Get it too man oh yeah come on man get This money bro come on man get this Money man come on my little brother Right here yeah show them the games bro Come on show them the game yeah man and He only 20 he's 21. it's just go home Right here man Let's go come on get this work bro get This work bro get this work my brother As well yeah you already know from the Curls control Exhaust man oh yeah I've been working on His training yeah working on his diet Yep Get a bicep actually keep on going back Is working all right you already know What dealers we rolling he oh he already Know what it is He knows what it is yeah I don't know what it is let me get that Back yo I want them to see that back Yeah see that look at that right there He's 21. he only 21. seven yeah Come on everybody could do this

You're gonna see it Work he got it all memorized he got it Memorized he know the deal you know the Vibes I want y'all see that that's the grass Man Let's go come on Work Eight pieces time too taking time Control like that control okay control So come on The hand cleaning You got it come on there we go there we Go we take that come on we take that It's all it's some learning yeah we Learning Yeah we learning out here We learning We're learning Yeah Let's go you got it you got it let's Work out it's meant for anybody Everybody Let's go go huh oh god let's go let's go Let's go let's work let's go get that Work yo get your money There we go easy money easy money Oh yeah Five halftime remember while you're out Here Full body workout this workout is meant For anybody yo get your money yo Nah get your money Yeah yo introduce yourself man

Exactly man Man You already know man that's Goku says Man hey Smash that like smash that subscribe hey And don't smash all girls Exactly never fold man we can't Fold It Find a reason to keep It exactly Chest wet You ain't sweating you ain't working you Ain't working no sweat check y'all see It man I need a little more One more thing we got our table we got Our plates and what we serving Self-improvement it's always been served Every day what you got to say bro Man You can never be the best version of Yourself you can only get better you Know what I'm saying just remember that It's all in here let's go it's all in Here then it comes out here because it Starts to come out here uh mind Spirit Physical yo all one all one man Connected

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