Balance Exercise Cards for Athletes – Workout Cards for Core and Standing Balance – Balance Trainer Fitness Deck for Full-body Balance Exercises for Gym & Home Workout – Fitness Exercise Cards

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Through our products we seek to help people not only recognize their full potential, but help them to live fuller, happier lives with the skills and habits they develop. Exercise is one of those rare things that is accessible to everyone, causes them to challenge themselves, and allows them to grow in order to succeed. We hope that through our products we can promote healthy exercise routines for all.

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How did we get our start?

Exercise and physical training is something that permeates all facets of our lives. While many of us imagine bodybuilders or endurance athletes when the word exercise is mentioned, the results of everyday exercises we all do are a lot closer than many of us realize. That’s why we at Zinsk have pushed to include exercise related products in our catalogues, because we recognize that for many, being able to reach goals related to exercise is something that can seriously impact anyone’s life.

What makes our products unique?

We believe transformation doesn’t have to be complicated, let alone stressful. Zinsk products are designed to be simple, easy-to-use guides as you take small yet consistent steps in your fitness journey.

Why do we love what we do?

We get to offer products that help people realize their potential and achieve fitness goals, while keeping things simple for them and making them feel good. Through these simple tools, we get to promote the value of creating consistent habits and developing ourselves one day at a time.

Add variety with 75+ exercises and modifications. With exercises designed to target static and dynamic balance, this fitness card deck offers you the flexibility to design a unique, full workout plan that is right for you without repeats.
Create routines that meet your needs. Each card comes with color coding for standing, core, or equipment-based balance exercises so that you can make a routine that matches your balance goals and equipment availability.
Designed for all levels. Each card includes modifications or suggestions to make the exercise easier or harder to help you progress or to give you an extra challenge.
Quickly create a custom workout. Just draw cards from the deck to get started anywhere. Each card contains repetition or time information and instructions on how to perform the exercise so you can get started and focus on the workout without having to plan.
Standard playing card size helps you to take your workout anywhere.

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