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At Home Jump Rope Fat Loss Workout

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49 Comentários

  1. I wouldn't say that I deserve this anymore than the next person. So many people work hard to better themselves and I admire that. It would be awesome to win though. During this quarantine time, my siblings, step dad, and I have started following the jump rope workouts posted on this channel. We have pretty cheap jump ropes, so it would be nice to have better ones. Regardless of whether or not I win, jump roping even with cheaper jump ropes and following these workouts really does help out a lot, so thank you Jump Rope Dudes 🙂 @ally_rogers1

  2. My little brother's been schooling me in basketball on the street since he's in college and working out (well, until recently) and I've just been working. Need to build my strength and endurance back up to give him some competition! 😂

  3. Jump rope helped me cure depression .I weighed a whopping 220 pounds and it helped me loose close to 40 pounds.I did It despite being super anemic and have inspired others as well.My insta handle is @dellodiva

  4. Hi everyone! 🙂
    I'm a portugese doctor fresh out of a year of working at the hospital and currently studying for the exam that will determine my area of specialty. Hopping to enter a specialty residency and get back to work. 🙂
    I just started jumping last month.. I bought a really cheap rope and started skipping because I didn't realy have that much time to spare to workout and I needed to blowout some stress. I found you channel and started watching your videos for tips how to jump. You guys are amazing!! And your workouts are a great help for those of us who weren't quite sure what to do with the rope! 😅
    Hope to get a chase to win one of those.. if not it's ok.. the important thing right now is to everyone stay safe and healthy 😉
    My insta handle is @marianarsf

  5. I watched all of your videos and i motivated by them the i started to jumping rope but i have a jumping rope which is made at home it will be better if you give that jumping rope to me #DOTHETHING @ravindu_navodya

  6. With quarantine, I have turned to at home workouts. First I tried running but I couldn’t find the motivation to run. But with an old jump rope I found at home I fell in love with jump roping. I hope with these ropes it can help me improve my jump roping skills. Instagram: @kamillebatucan

  7. I like it more when you do the whole work out. Probably I won't win a jump rope with this comment but when I have follow your other work outs. (and have jump a lot of times with them) and when you just do the whole thing it is cooler!

  8. I deserve receiving cause probably I am one of your first audiences right from Brazil. I really hope that you could open / develop a representative branch over here to sell your ropes, mugs T-shirts and so on.Please dothething and start to sell your products at amazon brazil

  9. I haven't stepped out more than two twice in the last two months and that too because I had to buy some of the basic necessities. I don't even miss going out to eat but I'm missing my gym and the bookstore I frequently used to visit before this pandemic. Jumping ropes for the past two months is the only thing that is helping me keep fit and not loose my sanity by worrying and panicking all the time.
    I am not sure if this giveaway is still going on but if it is I'd like to take part in it. My instagram handle is @manaswinisinghrathore

  10. I just started jumping and find your videos so extremely helpful. I'm generally fit and love lifting weights. Received some slamming from gym buddies who laugh at cardio, could really use these ropes! Either way, thanks for helping so many, much appreciated.

  11. I deserve to win because I'm from Brazil and the USD to BRL exchange rate right now is INSANELY HIGH. Hahahaha.
    Just started following you guys a couple weeks ago and I'm still getting the hangs of jumping rope. You guys are amazing, thanks for all the content!
    Instagram: @dudustorm

  12. Great job, JDR. I am not a beginner when it comes to jump rope. However, this exercise still kicked my butt after just one circuit. Mostly because I have been eating really unhealthy without any exercise for the past 2 months, but I am back on it now. Wont stop till i reach 180 pounds

  13. HI GUYS GREAT VIDS! really helped and def motivated me!
    I'm a professional dancer recovering from a recent wrist operation and jump rope has been a great re-hab for me…. especially during quarantine!! Just looking to get back to shape and keep up with you guys!!! cheers and fingers crossed!! hope you can send to France!! Merci!!

  14. I would like to win because since I started to working out 5 years ago, I realized that I never going to quit. I want to keep training and I want to keep doing it with the best jump rope. When I started jumping rope, I used to do it with a crazy green jump rope for kids haha but that doesn't stopped me for keep training. I meet your youtube channel 3 years ago and your content is so good that I always makes me feel motivated for train with you guys (and of curse, learn english at the same time haha). I really believe what jump rope can do for your body, really gives to you the best cardio. @shirleymorgan

  15. 1st set: I can do 4 no problem.
    2nd set: Woohoo halfway!
    3rd set: f&$@“-7?! IM GOING TO DIE! Changed my mind not going to do 4.
    30 seconds into resting: just try to do the first 3 exercises of the 4th set.
    Halfway through 4th set: At least you died trying 😂
    End of 4th set: FAAAAKKKK THAT FELT GOOD!!!

    Hey you, if you’re reading this and telling yourself you can’t do it. Try! Because at the end of it, it might hurt but it sure does feel effin good after. 🤗🔥💯

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  17. Damn! I spend all January doing exercises (lightly because during December I did nothing) and then this two weeks of February thing happened and again I didn't worked out and now I just did this 10min workout and I'm out of breath 😰😰😰

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