Arnold’s Top 10 Tips for Bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger laid the ground rule for bodybuilding. Here, we look at his Top Ten Tips and Techniques, ranked in order of importance.


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Generations of lifters around the world 
have been inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger He laid the ground rules for modern 
bodybuilding for Millions who followed So today we're going through all of Arnold's Key 
Training methods and ranking the most important Going Back to Basics To help guide you on your bodybuilding Journey With fit media's list of 10 best training tips 
inspired by the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold said that building 
a strong Foundation is the   First and most important principle of bodybuilding Compound exercises are the best place to start,   Movements that use a number of 
different muscles in combination These are basic strength exercises Movements of the body pushing Lifting working on coordination and core The first step is to master correct form Later adding weight to help you develop and 
grow. Arnold called these mass building exercises   Often using them at the start of his 
workouts to get the muscles fully fired up Building a strong foundation for future workouts 
the next most important principle guiding Arnold's   Training intensity for any bodybuilder there's 
only one way to grow lift heavy weights foreign Give the muscles more work than they're 
used to forcing them to adapt and grow Adding weight Increasing reps Reducing rest periods Going to failure One tried and tested formula 
from Arnold's day goes like this   After warm-up go for set one choosing a 
weight where you fail at around 10 to 12 reps Add more on the second set looking 
to fail around 8 to 10 reps Then go again with more weight 
failing at around six to eight reps There are plenty of other 
structures in the Arnold Playbook   But they all use the principle of pushing 
the body beyond what it's comfortable with Not so heavy as to cause injury but 
heavy enough to exhaust the muscles   Allowing them to grow back bigger 
stronger for maximum muscle development Going to failure is the most 
basic principle of bodybuilding   But Arnold also had a set of techniques to 
go beyond failure known as intensity boosters Some of the best from Arnold's Playbook

Rest pause when you hit failure take a short 
rest a few breaths to get the oxygen flowing   Then squeeze out a few more reps Partial reps when you can't complete 
the full range of movement push   Out a few more for just part of the 
movement extra work for the muscles Slow negatives there's more gains on the way 
down called The Eccentric part of the movement   Going slow and controlled on the way 
down makes the muscles work harder Cheat reps on certain body parts it's okay to 
cheat for example biceps by swinging to get the   Bar up then again going for that slow negative on 
the way down for drop sets do the set to failure   Then reduce the weight and go again for 
a few more reps repeating as necessary   Drop sets are often used on the final exercise 
in a workout to really exhaust the muscles An advanced form of drop set is called 
running the rack taking a complete set   Of dumbbells or weights and 
going through every setting Arnold used these old school techniques to 
vary his training from one workout to the next   Stalking the muscle encouraging growth One of Arnold's favorite intensity boosters 
was supersets using the simple idea of doing   Two exercises back to back no rest 
in between for example hitting chest Then going straight into back The chest and back combination is 
a superset for opposing muscles   Typically a pulling movement 
paired with the pushing movement But there's other combinations 
on arm stay hitting biceps Then going straight into triceps Keeping blood flowing and oxygen 
pumping to that area of the body Arnold would also superset the same muscle On chest, going for dips a big compound 
exercise working the pecs supported by triceps Then going straight into an exercise like dumbbell   Pullover which works more 
on isolating the pec muscle Supersets are part of the 
toolbox for every bodybuilder,   Encouraging muscle growth, burning calories 
as well as saving valuable time in the gym Arnold also used a technique 
he called muscle confusion –   Simple variations designed to 
shock his muscles into growth Changing his workouts from week to week,   One session going for low weight 
with a high number of reps Next time using a heavier weight with fewer reps If he'd been using free weights 
for a particular movement

Next time using a machine Also grip changing from 
standard grip in one workout To a key variation the next Even taking a standard exercises 
and coming up with unconventional   Grips to work the muscles in a different way Muscle confusion is one of the most basic 
old school methods of stimulating growth   And a great way to keep training 
challenging and different from week to week Arnold also knew how to make the muscles 
work harder within the rep itself   Going for Quality reps with what 
he called continuous tension Constant steady movement without using momentum Control, no resting at the top or bottom And using simple techniques 
to increase time under tension Holding for a few seconds at the point of 
Maximum resistance known as Peak contraction Increasing time under tension by just 
doing the middle part of the movement   Feeling the point where the muscles working 
hardest and just doing that part of the exercise And even after his set Arnold kept the 
muscle working by completing his regular set   Then going into a full squeeze   Keeping blood and oxygen in the 
muscle for longer – called iso tension Squeezing for 6 to 10 seconds. competitive 
bodybuilders also use this technique   To enhance their posing ability on 
stage through greater muscle control One of the keys to creating an 
old school physique is having   All the muscle groups balanced and in proportion That means putting extra effort into training 
the muscles that aren't so well developed what   Arnold called the lagging body parts if you have 
massive biceps the triceps need to be in balance So Arnold came up with something 
called the priority principle Training any lagging body 
parts first in his workout So they get completely exhausted before 
moving on to more well-developed muscles   Foreign for bodybuilders is the rear delt 
in that fully rounded look to the shoulders   If Arnold felt these muscles were lagging 
he'd hit them first in his shoulder workout   Before moving on to the other delt muscles All helping create that 
aesthetic balanced physique Let's take a look at Arnold's best 
advice on different equipment in the gym.  The basic tools of bodybuilding haven't 
changed much since the early days Free weights are always first 
choice for bodybuilders,  

Barbells for those heavy loads 
essential for building muscle Barbells are specially effective 
for compound exercises like presses   And squats exercises which use a 
number of muscles in combination Barbells often come with a stand or frame for 
support when raising and racking the weight Arnold also recommended a spotter when going heavy   Not just for support but also to 
help squeeze out those last few reps So barbells are the go-to weights 
for any muscle building program But one drawback is that they keep 
the hands locked in one position Restricting range of movement dumbbells give 
much greater freedom of movement important for   Certain body parts like shoulders which 
need to be worked from multiple angles On a muscle like chest barbells 
are great for building Mass,   Dumbbells are better for hitting different 
angles to help round out the packs But dumbbells really come into their own for 
isolation exercises designed to Target one   Particular muscle at a time that full range of 
movement allows more extension more contraction Plus a more natural grip so less risk of injury Also an essential part of 
any Arnold style training Then there's machines. in the early days   Arnold wasn't a fan of machines 
which he said restrict movement But he's since acknowledged that research and   Science have made Modern machines 
effective tools for muscle building Especially true for cables, cables offer 
constant resistance across a wide range   Of movement and let you hit different 
angles with all this equipment available Arnold's legendary sessions would usually start 
with free weights typically a classic compound   Movement using the bar building up to a heavier 
weight fewer wraps fire up and fatigue the muscles   Then going on to more isolation based 
exercises with dumbbells or cables Lower weights higher rep range 
finally machines to finish the job Arnold also recommended a key technique to improve   Performance one that's often forgotten 
by many bodybuilders who came after him Stretching Stretching during your 
workout helps prevent injury   Increases flexibility and 
improves range of movement Also important for warm-up and at 
the end of the day to Aid recovery Finally like all bodybuilders Arnold knew 
the importance of rest and recuperation After a hard workout the muscles need a chance  

To recover first by scheduling 
rest days in the workout week,   But also with plenty of sleep a recommended 
eight hours time for the body to rebuild and grow If you want to try our complete 
Arnold style workouts for back   Arms chest and shoulders just follow the link

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