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Hey guys welcome back to my channel Throughout this vlog i realized that i Didn’t do an intro Y’all know i haven’t i don’t really do Vlogs like that but i’m trying to get Better i’m trying to get better at these Vlogs because you guys really like vlogs So Immediately i’m trying to do it so you Guys you will be asking me i’m giving Okay so Yeah i really hope you guys enjoyed this Vlog i know this vlog is gonna be a Little bit all over the place Bear with me you know in order to get Better at doing vlogs we gotta keep Doing okay if you want to do better in Something you gotta apply don’t just sit Around and say oh i’m gonna be doing i’m Gonna go no we applied over here okay So Anyways i really hope you guys enjoyed This vlog And Yeah Okay [Music] [Music] My new wig just came in I am so excited the way i’ve been Waiting for this Wig it is so nice it’s from If you guys watched my last get ready With me i said i was going to do a

Lace Wig install The next one and you guys Their [ __ ] is expensive okay so this is Not this is quality wig okay this is a Quality wig Let’s see So a bunch of Stuff here let’s see what this is Oh i cannot wait To try this Oh See now i have a similar wig which is Like brownish but this one is a little Bit lighter it has more like Oh more blonde highlights hold on i want Y’all to see her Look at this highlight Let me see if you can sit down oh wait No you can’t oh yeah I was expecting it to be a little bit Longer i’m not gonna lie look at the Lace I love hd It smells really really good Hd lace So It has the thing okay you guys so i’m Gonna review it i just wanted to check It just to make sure the knots are Bleeded uh bleached Everything so i’m gonna record how i lay My waist so make sure you guys Check

Um The video I’m going out tomorrow so I’m looking regularly I’m going out tomorrow so i might wear It tomorrow and then record it tomorrow I don’t know we’ll see i’m so excited i Was supposed to get it in yesterday and Record the video but these um delivery People Because of the snow they took so long So but anyways We got it now look at this look at how The edges are already like Can’t even see look look at the edges Just like already brushed okay So make sure you guys stay tuned i’m Going to be recording that tomorrow Hopefully But I’m yeah Excited It’s lunch I’m about to make a pre-workout meal I’m about to do Toast With peanut butter and There’s a little bit of honey And some banana And Then we’re going to work out and then Actually no i’m going to eat and then I’m going to take the dog for a walk Chill for a bit and then

Work out And i’m going to be taking you guys with Me too And then [Music] We Will do some festivities i don’t even Know see this is why i don’t really be Vlogging like that because my [ __ ] just Be all over the place and i don’t even Know what the [ __ ] i’m doing like But we’re gonna get better this is the Bread That i’m using It’s seeds and grains Okay this is my first time trying this i Wanted to try something else something Different than what i usually go for It’s toasting [Music] Because My ears Be cold okay My ears be freezing man Gonna go for a walk okay guys I’ll be back [Music] So i wanted to show you guys really Quick like my favorite supplements Recently that i’ve really been liking This i’ll probably drink during my Workout now but then i mix this which is The oxy shred Um

This stuff is really really good i like This one which is the gummy snake i Haven’t tried the other one But i feel like the other one’s going to Be really good too but [Music] Yeah this stuff is pretty much like a a Pre-workout but a lighter version and it Gives you that nice like it’s like a fat Burning like Nice little sweat going on you know my Chair protein Is the ehb labs Plant-based protein Now i never knew i never thought i would Switch And be a plant-based protein Person But now i am so i’m really really Excited this this flavor Is So Good this flavor is so [ __ ] good i Made a smoothie the other day Mixed it in with it it was Chef’s kiss but yeah i really highly Recommend you guys try this a lot of People always say how like you know Plant-based stuff they don’t really gain That much or i personally have no i like I’ve just started using this so far like Nothing i don’t have anything negative To say about this stuff You know and i forgot to mention also

You guys in my last video i mentioned That i’m doing a shred Challenge With um ehb labs so i’m still doing it But anyways i will have a link down Below in the description so you guys are Interested uh you guys can sign up and Join me okay Um like i was saying before in my last Video it’s like 40 dollars to enter Or it’s free if you purchase like the Shred stack which is this stuff which is But Yeah i’ll have a link down below of Everything in the description so if you Guys want it you can try it out go But you know [Music] [Music] I

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