7 Minute Fitness: Jump Rope At Home Workout 7分鐘在家跳繩訓練 [WO4]

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“7 minutes Jump Rope Workout in 7 days” Start your workout at home today!
*Suitable for Jump Rope Beginners*

Is it bored staying at home during the quarantine? Jump Rope For Good has prepared a workout program “7 minutes Jump Rope Workout in 7 days” that can be done at home! Let’s start the video and exercise with us!

The 7 minutes workout is a HIIT workout: each exercise is performed in 30 seconds and followed by 30 seconds rest. There’ll be 7 exercises each day including warm up exercises and jump rope skills.

Day 4
1.Arm Circle 0:05
2.High Knee 1:09
3.Double Bounce 2:09
4.Single Bounce 3:09
5.Jogging 4:09
6.Side Straddle 5:09
7.Forward Straddle 6:09

The exercises can all be done without rope! It is suitable for all jump rope beginners!

7 minutes jump rope workout is suitable for beginners, you can always do it twice or more!

Remember to cool down for 5 to 10 minutes with some stretching after the jump rope workout!

受疫情影響,日日係屋企好悶又無得做運動?Jump Rope For Good為大家準備左7日7分鐘,係屋企都可以做到嘅跳繩運動。一齊跟住影片開始7日7分鐘嘅跳繩運動,同我地一齊強身健體啦!


1.手臂環繞 0:05
2.高抬腿 1:09
3.兩彈單重跳 2:09
4.一彈單重跳 3:09
5.單車步 4:09
6.左右開合跳 5:09
7.前後開合跳 6:09



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