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6 Pack Ab Jump Rope Workout

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Today’s Workout:

30 sec – Jump rope regular bounce
30 sec – Jump rope run in place
30 sec – side plank (left)
30 sec – side plank (right)
30 sec – Jump rope boxer skip
30 sec – Jump rope fast skip
30 sec – elbow plank
30 sec – plank
30 sec – Jump rope feet in & out
30 sec – Jump rope feet front to back
30 sec – heel touches
30 sec – ab crunchers
30 sec – jump rope diagonal straddle
30 sec – jump rope side to side hops
30 sec – v-ups

*Rest 10 sec between exercises
**Rest 1 min between circuits
**Repeat this circuit 3x

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24 Comentários

  1. I really want to thank you guys for introducing me to rope jumping. i've been overweight basicly my whole life,but was never an issue.
    a few months ago i found out that my bloodpressure was dangerously high (M 36, 105KG), but becuse of foot issues i cant jog for long and walk for long cause the side of calves get swollen.
    in my search for alternative (fun) cardio activity to get me moving, i discoverd this channel and i've never ever did rope jumping before.
    It was my first experience and i was hooked.
    now 4 months later, i lost about 15kg in fat but gained more muscle mass. my core is getting stronger, i can jog more becuase my feet are getting stronger, less swelling.
    just an overall improvement in condition, stamin, muscle everything.
    and ofcourse my bloodpressure went down by allot. still on meds but soo much better now.
    Oh and i also got my wife hooked.

    So THANK you guys for the motivation, for making it fun, for the lessons and also for encouraging us to DO THE THING!! (sorry for bad english)

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