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Welcome back to another YouTube video It's your girl here Chrissy trailer and In today's YouTube video we're going to Speak about how you can speed up your Progress in the gym fantar we don't do That here we don't think about quick Fixes and quick results if you're new to The channel if you've never met me Before I do not promote don't condone We'll never accept quick fixes I was the Girl that was depleting myself to Private myself hating who I was doing Excessive amounts of cardio and by the Way I have nothing against someone doing Cardio but if you're going to do it only To see a quick fixed result and it's Unsustainable and you're cutting out Food group just to get abs please just Stop because I want to help you find a More sustainable way that's going to Elevate your life in every aspect of Your life now the reason I wanted to do This video is because I believe these Five tips I'm going to give you are Really going to help you along your Fitness journey so whether you apply Them today or whenever you're ready just Refer back to this video and remember to Always leave a thumbs up it goes a long Way so if you find it helpful leave it There and comment down below let's go Now I say this with a pinch of salt but Because whilst I'm very very grateful For spending two to three years kind of

Learning and evolving in my own way I do Think if I had a set program and a set Plan at the beginning of my journey I Would have saved two to three years of Maybe like faffing about and again I say That with a pinch of salt because in Those two or three years I found out a Lot about myself however had I had a set Structured program and plan to follow I Would have made probably quicker Progress and the reason being is because You're structured something's in front Of you for you to follow you know what You're doing when you're doing it how You're doing it and that is exactly why I built the Evolve you app with the team That I have that is exactly why we Introduced world-class trainers the Reason being is because I just wanted Women to have a program that they could Start they can go in the gym or at home On holiday wherever and just know Exactly what they're doing to help them Achieve their goals why is the program So important the correct program help You progressively overload it will give You structure consistency and also you Will start applying principle if you're Just going to the gym and doing random Workouts you've seen online whilst I'm Happy you're moving your body really not Going to help you progress because you Need to apply consistency and Progressive overload in order for you to

See those desired results that you want To see so please get yourself a program With the set goal that you have in mind And stick to that program as best as you Can it leads me on to something else I Want to share with you that I'm actually Really excited for and I think it's Really going to help you stay consistent We have a challenge called 60 days for Strong and the whole concept around it Is we just want you to stay accountable For 60 days I'm not saying working out Every single day just for 60 days stay Accountable share your journey on Instagram share your journey on Facebook With us tag me in your stories send me DMs I don't care but just tell me that You're doing the challenge and the way You can do it is download the app set Yourself a program from one of my strong Programs you can do strong Express you Can do lower body you can do any type of Strong program and for 60 days you're Going to try and stick to that program I Don't care what transformation you have Whether it's physical or showing me what Weights you've progressed with or mental Progression I'm going to pick one lucky Winner and that winner is going to have A life-changing giveaway I'll pop it Here because it's absolutely incredible And I wish I had this giveaway so come And join set yourself a program set Yourself a challenge it's just 60 days

And it can completely change your life Tip number two is applying the Principles of progressive overload I Cannot stress enough how it doesn't Matter how many times you move your body If you are not applying Progressive Overload you will not see the results That you want to see Progressive loads In a nutshell is making things more Intense as your journey progresses so You can do so with weights that you lift You can do so with intensity tension Volume training weights there's only so Much weight you can lift for example Right now I am about let's say 62 kg and Squatting my maximum squat is 110 kg now If I was always just adding weights Adding weights I'd be able to at 62 kg Lith 300 kg back squat that is going to Be impossible there's only so much Weight you can lift and progress to Without enhancing and what I mean Enhancing we know what we mean there so Just be careful the information that You're getting from the people that You're getting okay that's all I'm going To say so there's other elements of Progressive overload you can intensify Your workouts by incorporating time Under tension volume training superset Triceps these are all going to help you Progressively overload and test and Challenge your body in a different way I'll also insert this video here I

Provided you a simple guide to Progressive overload and really broke Everything down so I hope this video Helps check it out number three you Could be overdoing it there is such Thing as overly training and overly Doing it to the point where you're Actually making less progress then more Progress for example if you're training Your legs every single day just expect Your glutes to grow you are not going to See the progress that you require the Reason being is because your muscles Could be overly fatigued and they Haven't had enough time to recover and Replenish my advice for you to be is to Listen to your body if you feel overly Fatigued give yourself a deload week I've applied deload weeks in my strong Program as well so you don't need to Think about it but anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks give yourself a week off where Your rest and recovering mobilizing Maybe doing some gentle cardio maybe Applying some yoga as well with really Great for strength training so please Make sure you're not overdoing it make Sure you're not over training and really Listen to what your body is requesting This is about having a long-term Journey Not a short-term Quick Fix number four You could be consistent but you could Also be complacent so what does that Mean you could be coming to the gym you

Could be having yourself a routine you Could be squatting on a Monday on a Wednesday and you have a set structure Program but you could be getting overly Complacent you could be just stuck in Your comfort zone so you're not Challenging yourself enough you're not Getting out of your comfort zone you're Also not exploring with different Variation yes a squad is a squat but It's how you do it and what you apply to It is what's going to help you maximize That progression so for example if I'm Training and I've been doing the same Weights and doing the same variation of A squat for six months yes I've been Consistent but I've also been highly Complacent so my recommendation would be To focus on getting out of your comfort Zone and pushing yourself to a level That maybe makes you feel a little bit Uncomfortable so that is focusing on Maybe working out to technical failure That is focusing more on Progressive Overload applying different principles On how you're training and also also Different variation yes a squat is a Squat but you could add a different Variation to it you could do low bar you Could do high bar you could do a front Squat you could add elevated heels just Trying something new to challenge Yourself in a different capacity because Again consistency doesn't always mean

Greatness so apply consistency but also Challenge yourself within that Consistency the fifth point is nutrition Nutrition is a topic in itself so I can Do a video about this at a later date if You'd want me to but the thing I did is I was under eaten actually when I look Back at my what I in a days back in the Day I notice I actually was not eating Enough and I thought it was enough so I Want you to focus on what you're eating And how often you're eating I used to be So terrified of a plate of food in front Of me so the point where I used to go to Restaurants and eat half of the meal it Got really bad and I'm sorry if that Triggers anyone but I just want to make It really clear that food is energy it's A source of energy it's not calories our Evil calorie count yeah okay if your Goal is very specific this is maybe Doesn't apply to you but if you're Looking for a consistent Journey with Progression I cannot stress enough how Much you need that energy source and how Much you need to replenish your muscles That's why focus on what you're eating Are you replenishing your muscles with a Post-workout meal after your workout for A long time I never used to have a Post-workout shape I never used to have A post workout meal and I just Completely depleted the progress I could Have made I'm going to pop two post

Workout recipes here that you can Screenshot and try for conveniency but Also when it comes to nutrition I just Want you to understand that if you're Eating inconsistently and one day you Could be eating a lot one day you're not Eating a lot or whatever a lot looks Like to you it is going to damage your Progression so my advice would be keep Your meals consistent keep them easy and Apply them to your day-to-day life they Don't have to be complex they just need To be something you enjoy something that Replenishes and nourishes you from Within so I really hope you found this Video useful and I really hope that you Just are reassured that it's a journey And you've got it and you're just trying Your best because it can be very Overwhelming especially when you see Things online like I made progress in Three months I made all this progress in Three weeks and it's like whoa so just Remember you're in your own journey and Someone else's chapter 20 might not Compare to your chapter one two or five So in your own Journey your own pace and If you need a helping hand come and join The Evolve you app download one of the Programs give it a go for seven days if You don't like it get out of it if you Enjoy it stick to it but either way just Give something a go thank you so much For watching leave a thumbs up I love

You always and forever and I'll see you Next time Thank you

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