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5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

If you’ve seen our other videos you’ll know that coffee is good for you. This video has several tips to turn your coffee from healthy… to super healthy. And no, putting butter in it is not one of them.

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  1. In Dr. Atkins books he directly links the more prevalent use of refined sugar in the early 1900's to heart disease, heart attacks and high cholesterol. Before the early 1900's refined sugar was very expensive and only available for the very wealthy. Dr. Atkins shows a spike in heart problems 20 years after refined sugar became cheaper and more readily available to everyone. He points out that "fat" is not your enemy, it's sugar.

  2. Add a tiny pinch of baking soda to your cup of coffee and it will Alkalize the Ph level to 8 or 9. I even tested this method with my own PH strips and was surprised it only took a tiny pinch that is tasteless when mixed in coffee!

  3. I hope that 2pm rule is based on your sleep cycle. I'm a night shift worker and I'm asleep untill 4 or 5pm and go to sleep at around 8am. putting my "2pm" at 11pm, which is when I go in to work.

  4. Yay for cinnamon! I do that from time to time and also add baking soda to reduce the acidity. I did once fall for the butter in my coffee deal and stopped once it started to show up on my waistline. I'm curious to know what you really think about butter in coffee?

  5. Aspartame causes diabetes and bone deterioration and can mess up your red and white blood cell count for life I know this because my dad and his cousin both have diabetes caused by aspartame in diet soda and my dads cousins wife is skinny and doesn’t have diabetes but it did deteriorate her bones and caused her red and white blood cell count to be messed up for life so aspartame should be banned like he said aspartame tastes like sugar but the body doesn’t know it’s sugar that’s why it causes problems long term

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