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5 Reasons You Should STOP Jumping Rope

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44 Comentários

  1. 4 years ago, I had torn ankle ligament. I'm facing instability and soreness till now if I jump rope even though if I want to.
    So, Be careful. Don't rush especially jumping rope.

  2. Hey Guys, seeing your channel from 1 year..
    I start a diet and I miserably fail thinking the whole is lost if I cheat once..

    Now seeing the testimony's in the comments makes me lose confidence in myself..
    Any tips to stay in line..

    (I jump rope thou)

  3. I just found this channel last week and I started jumping rope with diet for sure. It brutally kills my gut just like the mg42 did to Ivan. After 3 days of 15-20 minute exercise I lost 4 kg. T hank you for the super useful informations 🙂

  4. This is a great idea! You guys need to listen to your body guys 😊 i know that the fitness community is all about hustle/grind all day everyday, but guys we are all humans. Take it easy specially if you guys are beginners! 😊 awesome video again JRD!

  5. I am 56 yrs old – I sure could have used this video 2 weeks ago! I got my Crossrope last month and although I am not new to working out, I was definitely new to jumping rope. I went full speed ahead doing 1000 jumps a day trying the various types of jumps and I quickly I developed severe shin pain which in turn developed into bilateral ankle pain – OUCH! I have now rested for 2 weeks and will attempt to jump again this week but for only a couple of minutes and progress gradually…Love your videos! 👍🏻 💪🏻❤️

  6. Just a few wk ago my doctor find out that I have an ldl and yeah she prescribed me to do regular work out or exercise and she suggested this but atleast 2-3 times a wk thank you for the info 🙏

  7. the only big issue I'm having is back pain between my shoulderblades and in my upper back. I can't figure out how exactly to fix it, it's driving me crazy to not be able to jump rope because of it!

  8. Ive been jumping rope for about a few months now with a basic jump rope until I came across Crossrope . I recently made the transition to these weighted jump ropes and holy sh*t does it make a difference .🥵 Can’t wait to see what results I get off them .

  9. Love ma dudes! I just have become so busy these days that I just can’t find time for jumping rope every day, but I still try and find time for the thing, also I am making my jump rope regular again since today itself!

  10. Yea I’m a big dude. 295lbs as of this morning. I started jumping a few weeks ago. Got really into it last week and definitely felt pain in my right knee. I realized this will be a marathon not a sprint. Time to keep losing weight.

  11. Jumping rope is a great exercise! I started jumping rope when I did thai boxing and was quite fit back then. 🙂 At one point I could jump rope two hours straight, with one minute water break in between.

    I quit thaiboxing ten years ago, but rope skipping still remains in my training program. I use a semi heavy thaiboxing jump rope, around 500 grams.

    You guys sell your ropes in the EU?

  12. 5 month ago I started to jump rope by watching tutorial from this channel and able to do 1500 skip a day but after I got vaccinated I stop for a week or two and start to leave it. I gained my belly fat so I'm starting again now.

  13. Arch foot pain is for me is the worst cant stand it i have flat foots it tense so hard that i cant even stand after 50 or 60 jumps it start in 100/150 is my limit i cant stand it is my favorite excersice

  14. I actually experience chest pain and shin splints right now. 🥺 This is my first time to have chest pain, I thought its because of my sleeping position. Anyways thanks for this advice. I need some rest

  15. is it possible that some people never get shin splints even after doing as many jumps as they possibly can? or will everyone in the world eventually get shin splints?

  16. Been jumping rope a while now. I'm 260 and I injured my calf after 6 mins in Calf was sore for 2 days 3rd day now its not as bad byt when is a good time to jump again. No swelling or tears I think. Best bet I would say is stretch pre and post workout. And have rest days. Hope I can share my full story to you guys soon. On month 3 also.

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