5 Essentials for the Perfect Physique

5 Essentials for the Perfect Physique

The five key essentials behind building the perfect physique, as shown by Fit Media’s official Body of the Year, David Libreros.


David’s Insta @Dav_mphysique

Thanks to King’s Gym, London. Titan Gym, Alicante. And photographer Simon Barnes
Thumbnail image – Simon Barnes

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It’s time to meet our newest body of the year For 10 years fit media channel has awarded the
title body of the year to the rising Fitness star   Who we think will inspire young lifters, among
them future Champions and superstars of Fitness All with the Hallmarks of the
perfect physique Aesthetics Size symmetry So now it’s time to meet
our latest body of the Year And to reveal the five key Essentials
behind the success of all our winners   So that you too can build your best ever body From ancient times artists and athletes : 5 Essentials for the Perfect Physique

have focused on the idea of Aesthetics  From the Golden Age of bodybuilding
to today’s social media superstars   Trainers are inspired by a vision.
our latest body of the year has also pursued   That aesthetic ideal building the classic x-shaped
physique upper and lower body in proportion Powerful chest six-pack abs With full legs wide shoulders narrow waist
great conditioning to make the muscles stand out Balance detail symmetry Having a vision is the essential
starting point for any fitness journey First key is having a vision,
the next is how to achieve it .

5 Essentials for the Perfect Physique

All our body of the Year winners
are empowered with expert knowledge Like our other Hall of Famers David is an
elite trainer creating effective workouts   For every body part varying technique to achieve
particular goals with correct form avoiding injury   No set wasted expert knowledge the second
essential for achieving your vision Inspired by a vision empowered 
with the knowledge you need it’s   Time to set a goal there are many
kinds of goals but for most of our   Body of the Year winners competing
helps turn the vision into reality This year’s body of the Year
also sets his goals by competing Providing a framework for his years of training   Allowing him to track his progress with .

new goals every year to improve and grow Having   A goal whatever it may be is
the next essential for Success Once the goals are clear the
time comes when there’s no excuse Lift the weights, use the knowledge, do the work All our best trainers spend hours in the
gym working every body part chest arms legs Back shoulders With dedication sacrifice sweat essential
for turning your Fitness Vision into reality

But there’s another key to unlocking the perfect   Physique a priority for all
our body of the Year winners Strict diet Specially created for their training goals Our newest body of the year is an expert trainer   But the real secret to his success is
his full-time job as a nutritionist With a knowledge of supplements
an understanding of food For fueling workouts growing
muscle steadily over time Vision knowledge Goals hard work And nutrition The five Essentials for building the perfect
physique congratulations to David libreros   Fit media’s Body of the year

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