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45 Epic Battle Ropes Exercises You MUST Try – Renton Gym


Battling Ropes are a great conditioning tool and they are
a fun way to ad in some energy system work at the end of
training sessions (or make them a full blow conditioning
session in under 15 minutes).

Do you really need to know 45+ variations?

Nope. Just three will do but variety is the spice of life and
who doesn’t like to ad and try more challenging variations.
If you make training fun then it’s easier to make a habit.

Pick and choose and start with 20 seconds of work, 40
seconds of rest – for 10 rounds (make sure you put in maximal
effort in the 20 seconds).

Some other interval times that work great.

If you make it too long of an interval then the quality and power
goes down and it can become sloppy.

Pick and choose and get to work!

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  1. Love Battle ropes! I do 30/30 for 4 sets flat out x 4 cycles (16 sets) with 4 variations (alternate arms + two hand slams + outward circles + single arm waves – 2 sets each in the last cycle) 16mins of sweat and work 🙂

    Luke, I do this at the beginning of a workout. Is there anything saying when you should do them or that you shouldn't combine them with a workout etc?

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