3000+ Skips for 30 days | 30 days jump rope challenge (HINDI)

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I did jump rope skipping for 30min for 30 days so that i can lose fat and get bit shredded. I was planning for 3000 skips evmp rope for 30 min everyday but instead I decided to jump rope for 30 days because i found out that 1 min of skipping burns around 10 calories. So, i was planning to burn 300 calorie everyday. Try this fitness challenge if planning to lose fat

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  1. I do about 100,000 rope jumps a month.

    This is almost normal for me.

    Today is the 364th day of my challenge.

    Unfortunately, on day 357, I suffered a back injury.

    Of course, I also do three other sports.

    460 push-ups

    85 pull ups

    580 abs workouts

    10,000 jump ropes

  2. I wanna ask u smth so like I’m 13 yrs old and I’m 69 kg and is it okay if I only do rope skipping will I lose weight I have been doing jump rope like this so 50 jumps abs 1 lap walk so on until I get to 1000 everyday I do tht will I lose stomach fat and be slim forever?

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