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3 Easy Jump Rope Moves For Weight Loss

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3 Easy Jump Rope Moves For Weight Loss


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47 Comentários

  1. Very nice! I remember when I first started jumping rope….which was before I actually stuck with it….I couldn't fathom jumping a full 20 seconds without messing up, let alone tricks. I also didn't look up proper regular bounce technique at the time. Jumping regular bounce is like practicing a musical scale, no matter how good you get, you still gotta maintain the basics!!

  2. I have just started jumping rope, been less than a week… When I jump my leg bones ( below my knees ) hurt a lot. I feel like they will break, I am really heavy, at least for my age… I try to keep my legs and back straight… But it still hurts… What should I do????

  3. Awesome video. I have a few comments to share (especially for beginners – from my experience).

    1.) It is normal to stumble at the start. Although I have been skipping when I was young (but I have stopped for a long while), it takes a while (around 5-6 jump rope sessions) to get back the rhythm and stamina. I had shin splints and aches from exercising. It can be disheartening. And that goes to my next point.

    2.) What is most important is consistency. Just #dothething. You can start up slow, but if you are consistent, you will get better in time. Don't worry about stumbling. Don't worry about not being able to complete all the sets (I am referring to the 4 week challenge). Just #dothething. You will get better.

    3.) And I think it is so important to be patient. I have been talking to my friends about this. It is so easy to be envious on how some people can lose weight in the first few weeks of jumping rope. However, all our body operate in different ways. As long as you are consistent and patient, you will see the results in time. In my first few weeks, I did not see a loss of weight. Instead, I can see improvement in my stamina and strength. I can hardly jump consistently using a 0.5 lb rope initially, but by the end of the first week, I can jump effortlessly with a 0.5 lb rope. I only start seeing a loss of weight from my second week onwards. That is taking into account of doing intermittent fasting and having a calorie deficit diet.

    4.) How to be consistent? I strongly encourage all of you to join the online community (JRD 4 Week Challenge) in facebook. I woke up every morning, seeing notifications of fellow "jump rope dudes and dudettes" trying their best to improve in their life through jump rope. I don't know any one of them, but the motivation and positive energy from the group keeps me motivated to #dothething.

    5.) "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Trust me, just grab a jump rope and #dothething. You will not regret it 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tips and tricks to getting really strong and to finally to not be shy to take your shirt off when your swimming but thanks a lot to you guys that helped me out

  5. 1st day trying to get into jumping rope. The first session took about 7-8 mins, but there was a lot of breaks. So I have a question: it's normal to feel pain in my feet while jumping? I'm 183 cm (according to google it is about 6 feet)), 87 kg (about 192 pounds)

  6. Hey Dudes! I'm bringing my first ropes from crossrope soon through a friend going to the US (not sold in my country). The thing is I can't afford the whole bundle, and I want some versatility in the ropes. I am losing fat with your wourkouts and I want something challenging, like a heavy one, but also something that is comfortable and light to keep learning tricks or not doing only heavy rope workouts. So, knowing this, if you had to choose TWO ropes from crossrope and ONE set of handles, what would those be?

  7. Hello, some questions please, do you buiild endurance and stamina while doing workout with jumping rope, in the same way you build by jogging or running?

    Also my weight is 110KG and 175 height and my feet starting to hurt really fast when im running or jumping rope, is there a tip or something to help me?

  8. I wanna buy the get fit bundle since it’s the best offer. But will I be able to jump with all the weights that comes with it?
    If I start slow, how long should I work with a specific weight before upgrading? Thankful for help!

  9. Hi!! I’m a beginner at jumping rope, I never jumped rope before, I started a few weeks ago, I also play basketball and I run, for start doing some basic tricks like those,which rope is better? I have the 2lb, the 1lb and the 1/2 lb from the first gen! I did my first criss cross yesterday with the 1/2lb! I started jumping rope because of your videos! You guys are awesome!! Thanks!

  10. Hey Dudes! I'm from Venezuela. I started jumping a few weeks ago, and I was looking for a channel like this, with tutorials, routines and tricks to learn. I'm so glad I found you guys, I even got the crossrope app.

    I've always liked to jump the rope, that's why I recently bought one and started jumping.

    I started doing series with a specific number of jumps with intervals of 10-15 seconds of rest, but I will try your method. Instead of by number of jumps, I will do it by jumping for a specific time and adding rest intervals.

    By the way, you can you please share the link of the calculator?


  11. I added jump rope into my workouts, seriously, this time last year. If I compare the things I can do now (not just ricks, but endurance and health) I am very pleased with myself. If you can keep it up for two weeks (starting with no more than 3 times a week) the endurance builds up very quickly. I started with regular bounce and can now do the side and front straddles, run in place, mummy kicks, double unders and criss cross. the jumping rope is the most important part, but being able to do the tricks helps with my coordination and gives me a greater sense of accomplishment. Not to mention that doing tricks makes it a lot more fun.
    Also A thing I do to amuse myself is listen to a song and make up a freestyle jump rope routine for my own amusement.

  12. awesome video guys as always! technical post-production question…how do you guys get the timer on the screen? is it a feature in your software? iMovie doesn't have anything like this. are you guys using Premiere or FCP?

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