15 Minute Ultimate Beginners Workout | The Body Coach TV

women fitness club

15 moves | 15 minutes | 30 seconds work | 30 seconds rest

Marching knee to elbow
Side step punches
Clap unders
Star jumps / side step stars
Power knees (R)
Power knees (L)
High Plank
High punches
Single front kick (L)
Single front kick (R)
Tricep dips
Sumo stance high pull
Reverse lunges
Slow motion burpees


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  1. This is an ACTUAL real beginners workout, most of those who call them "absolute beginners" include exercises that are basically impossible for someone who's actually never done anything before. Thanks

  2. I'm chronically ill with nerve damage and severe depression. I used to work out consistently back in 2020 before the pandemic hit. It's really hard to be present in my body without a lot of stress due to the effects of my illness. Trying to get back into it now and the gentleness in how you show these moves is very motivationa, but still straight to the point and not condescending. Its frustrating how slow I'm having to start but I thank you for making low impact content like this

  3. Thanks! this is exactly what I needed to get started back up again. I used to do HIIT pretty much every day but over the last 2 years, I've really fallen off the fitness wagon. Did this one last night and didn't realise until I came to do it again this evening how much my muscles ached! Got my heart rate up nicely and without me feeling like I'm going to pass out!!

  4. These exercises are great. I’ve been doing my own regime for months. Can do about 20 minutes fairly intensive incl 50 squats but these new moves really tested me today! So really I am a beginner. Thanks Joe. I’ll be back.

  5. First workout for me after the birth of my third child…. Thank you for creating a great beginners quick session that I can fit in around the kids!! Feeling ready to take on 2023 and finally feel like myself again .

  6. This was my first workout in a while
    And I did it in front of a mirror, but so happy to see I’m sweating and breathing hard. Will definitely be fitting this in 3/4 times a week and then hopefully can move up to a harder one!

  7. Want to get my fitness up as I recently started playing netball at the tender age of 50 so this was ideal to ease me back into my fitness regime! Thanks, Joe for thinking of every different scenario that people could be facing. 😊

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