15 Minute Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout

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15 Minute Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout

Today’s Workout:

1 min – 10 jump rope feet front to back + 2 double unders (follow me)
30 sec – air squats
30 sec – pushups
30 sec – plank
30 sec – jump rope regular bounce 2 lb rope

*rest 1 min between circuits
**beginners repeat 4x total
***advanced repeat 5-6x total


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  1. This is by far my favorite workout. I do it almost everyday. 8 rounds with boxer skip for the minute and double unders for the 30 sec all with the half pound rope. Keep killin it guys thanks for the workouts!

  2. Your workouts are some of the best on YouTube tbh. i've already lost 1.5kg in one week and that is with a not so great diet. The more I skip, the more i want to improve my eating. And i love that you break up the skipping with other exercises.

  3. Love! Love! Love this workout!!! I can't do the double unders, so I do double regular bounce to replace it. So good, so good. This maybe my new go to jump rope workout. Tomorrow will be the last day of Week 10. Thanks guys

  4. Dudes you guys are awesome. I did this yesterday and my calves are still fire. Feel great tho. I don’t wanna look at a jump rope yet. This workout kicked my butt. Woke up this morning like whyyy?😩🤪😆😆 lol! 💪🏽

  5. I did this with my unweighted and my 1-lb jump rope. It is impressive that you can do double-unders with the 1-lb; I could not turn even my 1/2-lb fast enough – something to work for! I loved the variety of moves in this: upper body, abs, everything! Thank you!

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