15 mins HIIT Home Workout w. Jump Rope | No Equipment

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We’ve been looking for a workout to keep us fit during the COVID-19 lockdown. Usually our regular job does that for us if we perform at least 2 times a month, but this time we had no shows for more than three months.

After trying different types of workout, we’ve decided that jumping the rope gives us the best results when it comes to burning a lot of energy and building up stamina. You need minimum equipment (or none at all) and it can be done in a very small space. It is also a very quick bodyweight workout and the best part is that you’ll still be burning calories even after it’s done.

High Intensity Interval Training is very efficient if you put maximum effort and take very short breaks. Don’t forget to warm up at least 5 minutes before so you prevent injuries.

In this workout you can train with a rope or without one. It’s suitable for all levels of fitness as you can choose the level of intensity that’s best for you.

We normally run this whole program twice, so it turns into a 30 minutes workout for us, but you can keep it short if you don’t have enough time.

Please leave a comment if you finished the circuit and give us your feedback so we can provide better materials in the future.

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