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15 Min Jump Rope + Plyo Workout

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The Workout:
60 sec – jump rope boxer skip – 1/2lb rope
60 sec – jump squats + plank
60 sec – jump rope regular bounce 1/2 lb rope
60 sec – speed skaters + squat hold
60 sec – jump rope run in place 1/2 lb rope
60 sec – jump lunges + sumo squat hold
60 sec – jump rope boxer skip 1/2 lb rope
60 sec – star squats + plank
60 sec – jump rope regular bounce 1/2 lb rope
60 sec – mountain climbers + jumping jacks (no arms)
60 sec – jump rope run in place 1/2 lb rope
60 sec – jump squats in & out + plank
*rest 15 seconds between each exercise
**Advanced repeat workout 2 times

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27 Comentários

  1. To the unknown person who is reading this

    Bo matter if you are
    skinny,normal or fat don't hate yourself cause no matter who you are you look absolutely amazing and beautiful or handsome

    Have a nice day

  2. Inspiring. Finally I have also started doing jump rope on a daily basis with consistency. Hopefully I can release extra fat from my body and achieve desired results. Releasing series of challenges on my channel. I am super excited.

  3. This is probably one of my favourites! Anyway you can add a beep or something in between the 2 body weight exercises? Just easier to keep track and not have to stare at the screen while I’m doing the floor exercises.

  4. No way, welcome to Florida! You live like 20 minutes from me lmao and I do your guys’ workouts all the time…. I’m actually about to go do this one lol. My name is Brandon as well 😂

  5. Have been following your workouts from a month very informative and I have lost 8 pounds in a month . Also, I could get over emotional and casual eating.

    Thank you guys because of you am going back to a healthier lifestyle.

    Now I can show that am not lazy any more.

    By the way am Santosh from india

  6. I loved this! I took it to the park: jumping outdoors in beautiful fall weather. I like the longer jumping interval, and then the 2×30-sec. moves felt quick in comparison! Thank u!

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