(15 Min) Full Body Kettlebell Workout At Home HIIT

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In todays Zeus Fitness workout a Full Body Kettlebell Workout At Home HIIT workout. It’s been a while since I have put up a kettlebell workout. I’ve noticed a few people in the comments ask if we plan to do any so here we are

Following on with our recent HIIT routines, this is another 15 minute workout.

Again this kettlebell home workout will consist of

2 batch of 3 different kettlebell exercises repeated 4 times. Each exercise will be 20 seconds on then 10 seconds rest.

You wont need a crazy weight again for this workout as It quickly works up a sweat and some of the exercises would be very tough to perform with a heavy kettlebell

The one I am using in this video is 10KG

S what are you waiting for ? Grab your kettlebell , 15 minutes of free time and let’s smash this

Remember , if you need more , add more laps , if you want to make it a 30 minute workout. Just repeat it 💪

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Train Like The Gods

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  1. 💥 https://homeworkout.club/shredinfo – If you would like more info on our Brand New ‘Zeus 6 Week Shred’ structured Program that can be done from home , check it out right here 💪

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  2. I was watching this to see how it was, when my husband glanced to the screen and asked: "Is this Zeus?" He knows I love your brutal workouts, so I said yes, and he said: "He looks like a war tank". Well I see this as a compliment 😊

  3. If i do this everyday for let's say a couple of months will there be a result. I mean is this considered a light workout or normal workout like the ones with dumbells?
    P.S. Im beginner and I use 6kg kettlebell.

  4. This was really cool. Thank you. Your explanations were really clear and everything was well timed. First time ever doing gladiator press for me! Am starting light but will be doing this again with heavier weight!!

  5. this was a fun one now that i finally have a kettlebell, and look forward to more kettlebell workouts. when you said you were using a 10 was that kg or pounds? i started the 1st 3 exercises with a 12lb and it was wayyy light. then went to 20lbs for 2nd set of 3 exercises and that was better. both were too light, so was wondering what weight youwere talking about. thanks! 6/29

  6. Thanks so much. Did this workout and felt great. Could hear you breathing heavily so nice as it means you were doing it with us! Thanks for sharing

  7. I am practiced with the kettlebell swing having learned it previously, not to familiar with the second round exercises apart from the rear lunge pass through thingies ( can't remember what they are called ) , tried the gladiator press but my unfamiliarity with it had more form all over the shop so went with renegade rows instead , until I can look up the gladiator press and learn how to put it together , looks simple yet involves putting a couple of different movements together which my body still isn't to good at . My mind body connection isn't always the best .
    I have a 6 kg Kettlebell , it was ten bucks which was what I had at the time but figured I could always go up in weight when ready to do so .
    Thankyou Grant , this was a great workout sweating up a storm over here after that yet feel great and my shoulders want to say thank you . Cheers 🤘🦾🤜👍

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