11 Bad Habits That Damage Your Brain

Learn more about the worst things for your brain so you can better support your brain function moving forward.


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Today I’m going to share some of the top things that can severely affect your brain.

Top things that negatively affect your brain:
1. Chronic exposure to bad news
2. Toxic personalities
3. Spending too much time inside
4. Low-fat, low-cholesterol diets
5. High-grain diets
6. High-sugar diets
7. Low-stress to no stress at all
8. High-stress
9. Snacking
10. Things that decrease gut microbes
11. Consuming grain-fed animal products

One of the most surprising things on this list is grain-fed animal products. I recently participated in an interesting beef nutrient-density study. This study compared the beef from my farm to grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef, looking at factors that contribute to health and disease.

It turns out that the beef from my farm was significantly higher in phytonutrients and vitamin B3. It also had a fantastic omega-6 fatty acid to omega-3 fatty acid ratio. Not only that, but the beef I sent was low in glycation end-products and homocysteine, which are both harmful to the brain.

Grass-fed beef also did much better than grain-fed beef when looking at these same factors. My beef may have done best because I raise my cattle on pastures with a diversity of weeds for the cows to consume.

Overall, it’s crucial to consume grass-fed, grass-finished beef or 100% grass-fed beef to support your brain and your overall health.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the worst things for your brain. I’ll see you in the next video.

Today we’re going to talk about 11 bad Habits that can severely affect your Brain and most of these are going to be Quite surprising in fact the last one I’m going to talk about is extremely Interesting bad habit number one chronic Exposure to bad news so do you ever hear Any good things in the news it’s pretty Much filled with a lot of fear Doom and Gloom bad news it’s all going to end you Need to go in your house go underneath Your bed and hide because our Environment is extremely dangerous to be In well what do you think that does for Your health well it drops your emotional State okay if you’re at one time happy And kind of upbeat now you’re kind of Grumpy you’re kind of in anxiety mode And you might even be in depression and There’s some interesting data that talks About your state of being can affect the Structure and the physiology of your Body so you actually lose neurons your Brain actually atrophies so you might Might want to control the exposure the Bad news and it also could be People giving you bad news too we all Know a certain personality that tends to Not just give us bad news but turn good News into bad news number two toxic Personalities we have all been into These relationships which basically Lower our emotional state which would Actually affect the physiology of our

Brains so sometimes it’s good to get a Long list of all the people that you’re Associated with and isolate those who Are a bit toxic and just put them to the Side you want people that bring you up You want people that support you number Three you are spending way too much time Inside your house or a building it’s not Very healthy to be inside all the time It’s extremely therapeutic to be outside In the fresh air and the sun doesn’t Just necessarily give you vitamin D Which is essential for brain health it Gives you infrared now what is infrared It’s a type of spectral energy that can Actually penetrate Your Body by actually Two inches it can actually even go Through your skull and this infrared can Stimulate melatonin the type of Melatonin that’s a little bit different Than the Melatonin that’s running Through your pituitary it’s a type of Melatonin that’s in all of your cells That acts as an antioxidant that is even More powerful than glutathione it’s the Most powerful antioxidant that protects You against so many things including Stress so inside we have fluorescent Lights poor ventilation we have a lack Of sun and we also have an alteration of The light in dark Cycles the majority of The population would greatly benefit by Taking vitamin D before bed especially If they have problem sleeping especially

If they are inside way too much and Can’t get outside so vitamin D is really Important for brain health all right Number four Being on a low-fat low cholesterol diet Now how does that affect the brain well Did you realize that 60 of your brain is Fat here we have this organ that only Makes up two percent of your weight yet Utilizes 20 of all of your energy and Sixty percent of it is fat in fact the Brain is the fattiest organ of all your Organs you need this fat to make myelin To help the conductivity of the neurons The information that goes through your Nerve cells travel at a speed of 268 Miles per hour it’s incredibly fast and Things that lower our fats or Cholesterol like a low-fat diet or Statin drugs can greatly put us at risk For dementia and a lowered emotional State whether it’s anxiety or even Depression and one really important Point is it takes cholesterol to make Bile salts which actually help you Absorb vitamin A d e And K so without those fat sample Vitamins as well as the other nutrient Omega-3 fatty acid your brain can Greatly suffer all right number five the Bad habit of being on a high grain diet The recommendation pretty much given by All the medical experts you must consume At least 60 of your diet in the form of

Whole grains well there’s a problem with Whole grains okay first of all it’s not As nutritious as you might think it’s Very high in omega-6 in the book Grain Brain there’s a lot of new information Talking about how grains affect our Brains now when you eat refined grains You deplete your brain of vitamin B1 and That can create a huge consequence of Atrophy in your hippocampus the part of The brain that’s involved with memory And cognitive function number six Consuming a lot of sugar out of all the Things that will destroy your brain Sugar is at the top of the list it’s Going to eventually create insulin Resistance and that is going to cause a Starvation of the neurons because when You have insulin resistance we have the Situation we have this high glucose High Insulin but the resistance doesn’t allow The insulin or glucose to feed the Neurons unless you have ketones floating Around the neurons with starve and you Start having all sorts of Neurodegenerative problems in fact There’s a condition called type 3 Diabetes which is Alzheimer’s which Occurs from severe insulin resistance Not to mention the high sugar depletes B1 which creates atrophy of your Hippocampus all right number seven and This might surprise you too much low Stress if you don’t have any stress at

All that can be very unhealthy for your Brain why because you’re not exercising Enough you don’t have enough physical Activity that is needed to activate Genes for your brain so there’s Something called traumatic stress which Basically is a moderate amount of stress That can cause the body to become Stronger and more resilient and adapt to A positive State and that would include The exercise heat therapy cold therapy Hypoxia which is a lack of oxygen Training at a higher altitude so there’s A lot of therapy in a moderate amount of Stress or kind of intermittent doses of Stress and also intermittent fasting is A form of stress because you’re not Feeding your body any food for certain Periods of time can greatly add a Positive stress to allow the brain to Actually grow neurons not enough stress Is just unhealthy as too much stress and So number eight is high stress if you’re Under a chronic high stress mainly Mental stress or you have a lot of Losses or injuries it’s very damaging to The brain because this activates certain Genes in your brain that can turn on Dementia degeneration inflammation and So high stress High cortisol can create Atrophy of the hippocampus the key part Of the brain that’s involved in Cognition okay and also high stress Cortisol depletes you of B1 which also

Does the same thing all right number Nine snacking snacking relates to Intermittent fasting intermittent Fasting is the antidote to snacking so Many people are snacking even healthy Foods and they’re unknowingly creating a Lot of problems with their brain because In order to strengthen the brain Especially as we age we need to do Things that can help regenerate neurons I would even venture to say that Snacking is Even worse than eating carbohydrates and Why is that because not only does carbs Increase insulin but eating in general Increases insulin and when you’re eating So frequently you have these little Snacks in the mid-afternoon snack and The snack before you go to bed what You’re doing is you’re jacking up Insulin creating more insulin resistance And you’re going to affect your brain Cells and you’re going to find that That’s a really bad habit and the reason I know that is when a person gives up Snacking Boy do they have a huge positive change In so many things Including things like getting up in the Middle of night having to urinate these People that are have frequent urination Really have insulin resistance and the Most simple thing they can do is give up Snacking especially the snacking or

Grazing late at night and boom they can Sleep through the whole night and they Just happen to miraculously get rid of The symptom of frequent urination number 10 anything that decreases the microbes In your gut directly affect your brain Like antibiotics like glyphosate in the GMO food which by the way Monsanto got a Patent for glyphosate as being an Antibiotic and unfortunately the earlier You are exposed to antibiotics in your Life like as a baby The worse things are but that’s a Completely different topic there’s a Huge connection between your gut and Your brain whatever happens down here Directly affects here and you do have a Nerve that connects the two and that’s Called the vagus nerve one of the side Effects from antibiotics Is dementia not to mention the great Majority of your neurotransmitters okay Many of the B vitamins that are Necessary for brain health are made by These microbes and number 11 and this is What you’ve been waiting for consuming Grain-fed animal products versus the Grass-fed grass finish animal products Now you’re saying wait a second where Did you get that Dr Burke well there’s Some very interesting data that I want To share with you I just participated in A very interesting beef nutrient density Study where we send off our beef from my

Farm and they analyze the beef and Compare it to many farms across the Country and what this was was a study Comparing The grass-fed beef to the grain-fed beef As far as factors that can contribute to Your health and factors that can Contribute to disease okay so I’m going To show you this check this out in this First slide you’ll see total Phytochemicals these are phytonutrients These are plant-based chemicals okay That are in beef and it just so happens That the beef that I sent in just Dominated most other even grass-fed Samples which is quite remarkable and I’m going to share why I think that is In a minute so stay tuned this is going To be interesting you can see the grain Fed is very low on the phytonutrients Okay so in general phytonutrients our Antioxidants they have all sorts of Amazing properties they’re Anti-inflammatory anti-cancer Etc etc here’s another slide that shows The fatty acid ratio the omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios okay and on average Grass-fed beef would produce a three to One That means there’s three times as much Omega-6 to omega-3 and the grain fed Beef on average is an eight to one That’s eight times the omega-6 fatty Acid to omega-3 fatty acid well it just

So happens that the beef that I sent in There had a 1.5 Omega-6 to 1 omega-3 and it just so Happens that grain fed meats are high in Omega-6 and so that would increase the Risk of inflammation and by the way Salmon which is high in omega-3 has a One-to-one ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 And I want to show you a couple other Slides that are very interesting in Relationship to what they found in the Study with our cattle look at vitamin B3 Just incredible amounts compared to the Grass-fed as well as the grain fed wow Interesting now I’m going to show you Two other graphs which are very very Interesting in this next graph you’ll See that this value With Dr Berg’s beef is very low okay and That is because this identifies Advanced Glycation end products this is something That’s very very negative this is Something that contributes to chronic Disease of your brain and the heart this Is what you see in diabetes so what does This mean it means that if you are Consuming animal products that are Higher in advanced glycation and Products this could contribute to a Worsening of your health and the last Slide is homocysteine now homocysteine Is another biomarker for heart disease Risk check out how low home assisting is In the sample that I provided as well as

Grass-fed then compare that to grain fat Interesting so this is just another Reason why you should consume grass-fed Grass-finished another name for that Would be a hundred percent grass-fed This is all about the ratios you see We’re trying to get more omega-3 fatty Acids into our brain especially because Out of all the fats 20 is in the form of Omega-3 DHA and especially the gray matter and So when you have a high ratio of omega-6 It’s competing for the Omega-3 So even though you might be consuming Like cod liver oil or Omega three fatty Acids in your diet if your omega-6 is Too high It’s not going to go in well and so this Is why it’s so important to really beef Up no pun intended the omega-3 fatty Acids and this could potentially lower Inflammation in your brain and greatly Support your brain health now here’s a Question that you might be wondering Right now why are there so many Phytonutrients in the beef that we have Compared to the typical grass-fed and That is this the pastures that I raise My cows on have a much lower ratio of Grass they have a much higher ratio of Weeds that’s right and diversity of Weeds I have many different types of Weeds and I have a smaller amount of Grass as compared to a typical pasture

With cattle you’re going to have more Grasses and so if you think about it The more biodiversity that these cows Get to feed on the more different types Of weeds and plants that have their own Microbiome the more Diversified Microbiome they’re going to have in Their guts a lot of these phytochemicals And vitamins are made by the microbiome And so my theory and I’m going to do Some studies on this to find out for Sure it’s the diversity of different Plants that really created this profile Right here which could relate to humans If you were to have a salad and you had The same iceberg lettuce every single Day that probably wouldn’t be good you Might want to try to increase the range Of types of plants in your diet whether In your salad or on your plate and there Is some great research on the Relationship between the diversity of Plants and the diversity of your own Microbiome that can greatly help your Health now that being said since we’re On the topic of brain health If you haven’t seen my other video in The brain you should check it out it’s Really cool I’ll put it up right here

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