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My Minds Set Crop Lilac
If You Need Me Long Sleeve Crop Dark Chocolate
Bad Gal Bustier Black
Good Form Mini Dress Cream
Starting Over Midi Dress Steel
Feels Like A Holiday Shirt Dress Black
Like No Other Mini Dress Blue Swirl
Golden Light Terry Playsuit Chocolate
What You Feel Mini Dress White
Irreplaceable Long Sleeve Crop Cream
Only Yesterday Plaid Shirt Black
You’ve Got It Pants Chocolate
Real Things Long Sleeve Crop Black
Met Your Match Crop Black
Taking Notice Relaxed Shorts Black

Why are you yawning in my face your Breath is thinking Um It’s thinking Please be gone [Music] Hey milaz welcome back to my channel and Today’s video i’m going to be taking you Guys through a White fox Clothing haul Can i help you why are you always in my Business you guys are new to my channel Make sure you click that subscribe Button to join the family and before we Get into this video this video is Sponsored by white folks Come and say hi to the people since you Want to be on the camera so bad show Everybody And i’m comfortably just sitting On my floor You know just Living life okay so i got a few items From them um really really cute pieces i Can’t wait to show you guys i will have A link down below of all the items so if You guys are interested you can go and Click on them and i will have my Discount code on the screen and in the Description below as well Why are you yawning in my face your Breath is thinking It’s thinking

Please be gone Okay so the first item that we got is Called my minds Set crop in lilac i really really like This top um i don’t know about you guys But in toronto like all the snow is gone So it’s starting to get nice out it’s Not that nice but you know i’m starting To get all of my summer pieces and now So i got this really cute crop top And The string at the bottom goes wraps Around your waist i really really like This one they have this one in other Colors as well they have this one in a White and kind of like a cocoa brownish Color i really really and i’m wearing a Small in this one i really really like This piece okay so next we have this Crop top it’s called if you need me long Sleeve crop top in dark chocolate can You move your big ass head it’s not um Tied together but i personally really Like crop tops that Cover my arms i don’t know i feel like I’ve gained a lot of weight so But i’m bulking you know i’ve gained a Lot of weight in my arms i do find that You know some people ask me how i’m able To not gain weight In my waist and stuff like that but Genetically you know i get the weight in My legs and then i gain it in my arms And in my face

So my face has been Chubbier But that’s why i kind of like long Sleeve Um crop tops because then it cut i can Just hide it but i really really like This crop top the only thing that i Would say is i wish that it kind of Pushes my boobs in a little bit more but Other than that i think it’s really Really cute so next we have this crop Top or corset top it’s called the bad Gal buster in black now I don’t know why i mean my big titty Self thought i could fit in this but it Actually fits pretty good still it gives Me kind of that like bridgeton push the Boobs up kind of look but i feel like if I was gonna wear this out though i would Have probably preferred a large so just To keep in mind girls that are top heavy I feel like even now ever since i got my Boobs done it’s been what like two years And i still trying to adjust things that I can wear with my boobs and then things That i can’t or things that i have to Kind of size up because if i was wearing This top you know flat chested or just Not that much big boobs it would look Really really nice but i can’t be Wearing this so or if i do wear is i Have to wear something like cover up the Same thing as like this which is also From white fox next we have this white

Knit dress this one is called the good Four mini dress in cream of course it’s Called good form you guys this dress is So nice like it’s so form-fitting it’s Comfy i like how even though it’s knit And thick you don’t necessarily have to Wear it in the winter time like if you Wanted to wear this in the wintertime You could wear tights with them but i Like how Just how it’s designed you can wear this In the summer i really really like i Love dresses that are open back like This and it shows you know Some side boob they have this one in They have this one in like a brown very Very cute i’m probably gonna have to get That one i got a size medium yeah so This dress this is called starting over Midi dress steel they have this one in a Black as well and again you guys i don’t Know what it is with me lately like i’ve Really been liking open back dresses or Open back tops in general this dress is Really really cute i love the color and It comes with a slit on the side or Sorry not on the side like on the on This yeah on the left leg which i find Is very sexy not only can you wear this Going out but you can wear this kind of Casual as well i find that this year i Really wanted my wardrobe to be Not just fancy fancy clothes you know What i mean i would want to wear dresses

That can be two in one where you can Wear it going out and you can also wear It casually just it’s not too dressy and It’s not too plain at the same time next We have this Next we have this shirt dress It’s called feels like a I can’t speak feels like a holiday dress Shirt shirt dress Now this dress unfortunately didn’t Really fit me Well it does fit me like a sh like it’s More of a fitted shirt as you can see in The video it’s just i got this one in a Size small probably should have gone in A medium or a large if i wanted to just Have that look of where it’s just a Dress and wear like sneakers and stuff Like that but i find that if i’m if i Want to wear this i would have to wear Like shorts Or something under instead of just you Know but that’s my mistake i should have Gotten a medium or something larger i Really really like that dress as well Same thing very casual i can wear it in The summer time same thing i’m kind of Leaning more towards more like That’s the best way that i can describe It it’s fancy but chill at the same time You know Maybe just me yes no what do you think Okay so next we have This dress it’s called like no other

Mini dress in blue swirl i really really Like this dress um the only thing that i Would say is this is a dress that i Would wear more on a vacation Yeah more of a vacation actually now That i think about it but i really Really like this dress i don’t have any Other i don’t have dresses like this That are different Um usually i go for you know like I’m gonna say basic but i would like Solid color dresses and I don’t know if you guys can see there We go But i think that this pattern um is very Cute very different like i said i don’t Really have stuff like that in my closet And i feel like i really want to start You know expanding my closet got the Dress also in a size I’m pretty sure it’s a size small i mean Not even knowing my sizes Um So next we have this one piece Uh shorts so this is called the golden Light terry playsuit in chocolate Again this is something that i don’t Really have in my closet Um i don’t know same thing in the Summertime like i’m not really i like Stuff that covers my knees I don’t know why but in the summertime My knees get dark my knees get super Super dark compared to the entire rest

Of my body and then it’s so weird it’s Like parts of my body like my foot is Really really light and white same thing In my hands it’s really hard for me to Tan On this part of my hands which is so Weird but anyways i really like this set Another set this one piece because it Really makes my bum look nice um you Know they’re kind of like booty shorts So in the summertime i’m really excited To wear this and it’s very comfortable As well the fabric And i like how if i wanted to wear it I can You know Push it up and the girls Will be looking good And yummy and scrumptious so next we Have my other favorite piece that i got This is called what do you feel Mini dress in white you guys this dress I’m not really a person who that’d be Wearing white a lot but this is Something i most definitely see myself Wearing in the summertime a lot i think It’s so so cute um i love how the back Is or the bottom is just very flowy and It’s It’s classy it’s appropriate um i love How the long sleeve it kind of has this Like Scrunchy thing not scrunchy but it’s Tight so it fits at my arms and i find

That the top part the top part is a Little bit small for my boobs But i do like it because it also kind of Pushes them up and looks good you know It looks it’s a very very sexy dress i Love the dress it’s so nice And that’s probably why it doesn’t Really fit my boobs because this is a Size small honestly you guys i don’t Know what it is about my sizing Sometimes i’d be doing Back and forth with [ __ ] i don’t know What it is but i really really love this Dress like it’s so pretty It’s like you know go for tea and Biscuits And Crumpets You know very very cute i really love That dress next we have this top now This top this is what i call a hoochie Mama top And This is a top that i don’t know why My big titty self thought that i could Wear this And it would be Appropriate This Little ass top mind you this is this is A small okay if i had gotten a medium Then probably But this is called the irreplaceable Long sleeve crop top when i tell you

Guys The way my boobs just are going to fall Out at this top i can’t wear this out I can’t wear it out like I honestly i’m gonna probably have to Give it away to one of my cousins or Something but like this i really really Like this top though it’s just Probably me just getting the wrong size I should have gotten a medium instead of The small like i said i don’t know why i Thought my top heavy self would fit in This i thought it would be cute i feel Like i could still wear this like You know you know those under boob tops Maybe not but It’s still a very cute top though next We have these pants Now these pants honestly i’ve been Seeing like this kind of style so much On tick tock And i decided to get myself just to try One Honestly i feel like Don’t get me wrong i love these pants i Love this color i just feel like the way My body type is i can’t really wear Pants like this which is really which Sucks but that’s just my personal Preference Um these pants are called You got it pants in chocolate now the Reason why i say i don’t really like it Is because

No shade to the skinny girls but i feel Like pants like these look better on Girls that are skinnier you know that Don’t really have bum But maybe i feel like i also should have Maybe gone up more because this one is a Size medium maybe i should have tried a Large But it’s just kind of The waist fits pretty good but my bum And my quads it does feel super super Tight and then it goes loose at the Ankles I’ve worn this out before though and i Got a lot of compliments i just felt Like I couldn’t really move around that much But then again but that’s why i feel Like i feel like it looks a little bit Better on skinnier girls You know i don’t know comment down below What you guys think and i got the same Thing too in a black But I just feel like it doesn’t really like Fit me i you know i see some girls wear It that are skinnier And that don’t really have like my shape And it looks really really good on them That’s why i wanted to get it in the First place i was like damn let me get Some of this but i just feel like it Doesn’t really Sue me i don’t know what you guys think

Comment down below What you guys think But overall i really really like this Material as well i love the color though It’s just Yeah i don’t know maybe i’m just Tripping comment down below Okay so next we have this set it’s Called met your match crop top so this Is what the top looks like I got the set which is very very cute i Like how this set same thing i don’t Necessarily have to wear it casually in The house i can wear it you know Going out And this is The matching Shorts Really really like the shorts as well Very comfy for the top i got in a size Small because i wanted it to give me That kind of Pushed tight fit and then in the bottoms I got a size Medium As well very very cute to me i like i Like stuff like this it’s very cute next I got this long sleeve crop top it’s Called real things real things long Sleeve crop top and i really really like This top as well this top really makes My boobs look I got this one in a size Small um

Where’s the label yeah i got this in a Size small So i find that tops like this also are Very flattering and The arms part is mesh material so um the Middle here it’s it’s thicker and then Like i said mesh material so it’s very Breathable very nice okay guys so that Is pretty much it for this video i Really hope you guys enjoyed it also to Mention that white fox not only has Clothing they have swimwear and Activewear so make sure you guys go and Check them out um like i said i’ll have My discount code again here and Yeah we’ll have a link down below of all The items and i really hope you guys Enjoyed this vlog and Yeah that’s it [Music] Whenever your heart is broken Don’t ever forget you’re golden I will find the light in your

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