100 Push Ups Jump Rope Workout

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Today’s workout:

-6 sets of 1 minute jump rope freestyle 1/2lb rope
-100 pushups – 2 sets of 20 + 4 sets of 15

**Rest as needed

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  1. I have just recently increased my jump rope duration now I can do 9-10 minutes before that I was able to do 5-6 minutes when it comes to push-ups I can hardly do 10 and that's knee push-ups. I just got my 2nd dose today still watching u guys cause your vids gives me motivation for moving forward

  2. I have mentioned this before but I would like to learn how to do the alternate foot step or the boxer skip with the heavier ropes. I know that it's easiest to learn on the one pound rope but I find the three pound rope most effective.

  3. Love from Sikkim😊❤️ i manage to workout everyday but i fail to stay consistent with my eating habit😔😔 6days of good eating 1day of binge eating how to overcome this problem please please help me sir

  4. Maybe some Tabata workouts that makes us more mobile. Not just in stationary position. Example… side stepping with jump rope or running forward/backwards 10 yards. Idk

  5. Hello brother… My age is 18+ … Now my wait is 65kg … I want to do my weight under 60kg …. I decided to do 100 push ups and 1000 rope jumping daily… Is it right to do for me???… And prefer me a diet chat plz… I m confused about the diet chat… Help me brother plz

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