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100 Lb. Jump Rope Transformation

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100 Lb. Jump Rope Transformation

In today’s video we interview Andrea, a JRD community member who lost 100 lbs jumping rope. Her story is inspiring and we are grateful to be able to share it with you. Please comment below and give Andrea some JRD good vibes! 🙂


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39 Comentários

  1. You have no idea how inspiring this is. 🥲 After my divorce 2 years ago I've gained 80 lbs. It's been taxing on my body and spirit. I needed to see this. my fitness journey started almost a month ago and there are days I want to quit. My crossrope set comes in tomorrow and I am EXCITED! DON'T GIVE UP!!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON. With the help of Jesus and wanting to be healthy I KNOW…I…CAN…DO…THISSS! God bless y'all ❤

  2. Hello sir.
    This is Richard James New Delhi India
    Sir i need jump rope set, but i dont have much money, can you help me to send some chep jump rope, ill doing jump rope past 3 years..

    Richard james
    New Delhi India

  3. i loved to jump double dutch growing up. i started walking 3-4 x a week for 25 to 40 minutes. i was able to jump rope for a longer period today, i took breaks. my goal is to continue everyday and build up to 25 minutes of jumping. i also will add weight training and a whole food eating plan with calorie deficit. good luck everyone and enjoy the journey.

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