10 Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing

10 Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing

10 great Shoulder Exercises for bigger shoulders, recommended by Fit Media’s top trainers. Including variations on your regular presses and raises, plus exercises that are not commonly performed. Helping you build bigger shoulders.


Trainer: David Libreros @dav_mphysique
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Every gym goer wants big shoulders   And the big exercises like presses and
raises are going to help you get them.   But if you’re only doing presses and raises
you could be missing out on potential gains.  Shoulders work across many different angles
which is why fit media’s top trainers   Recommend mixing it up with different
exercises from one workout to the next,   Taking familiar exercises and changing the angle   And finding new ways to work each .

10 Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing
of the three key shoulder muscles So here are our top 10 recommended exercises you
can use for a more effective shoulder workout.  On a regular raise you’d aim to get
the weight up level with the shoulders.   Maximum resistance is at the top. so to
get there you have to use lighter weights.  But here’s a variation that’ll let you
go with a heavier weight these partial   Side lateral raises just work
the bottom half of the movement Allowing you to use a heavier weight,   Ideal at the start of your workout, firing up
the whole shoulder especially those middle delts Capping the shoulder for that 3D look Next traditional front raise
would be done standing.

10 Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing

But by using an incline bench you can Target
the front delts, with a better range of motion   Than the standing version
isolating the muscle And the bench helps stop you swinging You can use the incline bench to Target
rear delts. this is an incline Y raise  Laying face front on an incline bench using
the arms to create a Y shape with the body .

Directly targeting the back of the shoulder not
so heavy with the weight taking care not to swing   Aiming for a good squeeze
at the top of the movement Cable side lateral raise is a
popular exercise to hit middle delt But by changing the movement you
can also target the rear delt Coming down in front of
the body then up and behind Concentrating on that full range of movement.   Cables have the added advantage of giving .

constant resistance across each rep Also for rear delts, reverse machine fly
taking the usual pec deck machine and facing in Using the handles for resistance on the rear delts Elbows slightly bent, again with
constant resistance from the machine Another exercise for rear delts now.
bent over dumbbell raise, standing,   Knees slightly bent, taking the
dumbbells out and to the sides Rear delts are a lagging
body part for many trainers  .

Exercises You Should Be Doing

Because front delts get plenty of work
as the supporting muscle on chest day Which is why today’s list includes
a good number of rear delt exercises   To help you balance your
shoulders for a full round look That bent over dumbbell raise we’ve just shown
you can also be done on the bench like this,  But not a lot of trainers use the
rowing option on this exercise Using a slight adjustment to the
movement. we know rows are typically   Used for lats and middle back but here
the angle lets you target rear delts With a pronated grip, dumbbells
in line elbows out not tucked in Squeezing from the delts not the shoulder blades Moving to the cable now these are face pulls.   Pulley at the bottom body upright .

bringing the Rope up past the forehead You can use a bit of external rotation here   As long as most of the work
is coming from the rear delts Another exercise that works the shoulder , 10 Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing
from multiple angles – Arnold press It’s a famous exercise because it 
was championed by Arnold himself But it’s not used as often as you’d think Dumbbells start together in front of the
chest. as you come up you also twist out   And into a pressing movement keeping control
on the way down as well as on the way up Allowing you to hit all three key
shoulder muscles in one movement Finally a great finisher working all
parts of the shoulder with six ways Light dumbbells going out to the sides
down side front up front side and down.

A great way to burn out your
shoulders at the end of your workout So which is your favorite shoulder exercise? Let us know in the comments below. there’s
many more shoulder exercises on fit media’s   Free exercise database and check out the link for   Expert advice on how to fix the most
common mistakes in shoulder training.

10 Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing

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