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Workout along with me as we do this 10 minute jump rope workout, all you need is 10 minute a day to burn excess calories from the festive season
I post workout videos every Monday.

Jump rope at your own pace for 30 second intervals
Folded leg crunches x10 each Leg
Jump rope 30sec
London bridges x10
Jump rope 30 sec
360 Squat X10
Jump rope 30 sec
Bicycle crunches X10 twice
Jump Rope 30 sec
Skaters X10
Jump rope 30sec
Jumping floor touches X10
Jump rope 30 sec
Star jump crunches X10

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  1. I really love it. It's not too difficult but it's definitely at the perfect level to challenge my body. Let me tell you, my body is achiiiiiing. But the good kind of aching. Thank you babes.

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