10 Minute Jump Rope HIIT Fat Burning Workout | Beginners Training

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Join me today in this great and simpel Jump Rope HIIT Workout for fat burning. It’s simpel and a absolute a beginner trainings video. I am using a heavy leather rope.

You can use any jump rope or skipping rope you want. After 10 rounds you get a short break. If you are ready for set 2, you must try to go as hard as you can get!

So use a rope that is good for you!

Jump Rope is one of my favorite fitness tool. And I train with my rope every day! Jumping with a rope is easy to integrate in all HIIT Workouts (High Intensisty Interval Training)

Oke start the engine, set your Interval Timer on 30 seconds training en 10 seconds rest for 10 rounds. 10 rounds is one set!

If you are an absolute beginner, start with only 10 rounds (first set) and work your way up till 20 or 40 rounds! Rest 60 seconds between every 10 rounds.

If you like an advanced training, start with 40 rounds and work you way up to 60 rounds or more! And rest 20 sec. between every 10 rounds!

Exercises in this Workout:

First 10 Rounds

– 30 sec. Basic Single Under
– 10 sec. Rest
– 30 sec. Freestyle Jump Rope
– 10 sec. Rest

Little Break

Second 10 Rounds

– 30 sec. Basic Single Under (as fast as possible)
– 10 sec. Rest

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Thanx and enjoy this Jump Rope HIIT Workout!


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