10 Minute Intense HIIT workout – Short High Intensity Interval Training increasing Fat Loss

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Burn fat fast in limited time with this intense workout. Metabolism improvements are guaranteed with this HIIT workout. It only takes ten minutes of your time and is therefore ideal for the occupied and the beginners. The workout consists of two sets of each five minutes, each minute a different exercise. So you have to perform 2 x 5 exercises.

There is a water break after the first 5 minutes. Be sure to rest enough so that you (again) give 200 percent for the second set.

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  1. First time trying this, had to stop on the last exersise of the first round but I'm asthmatic and really unfit. Going to keep going at it until my asthma improves! tysm for this!

  2. Marischa, thanks… I´ve started with these HIIT workouts because theyŕe easy to follow…and even though it goes really Great in combination with my weight trainings, one more time thanks… youŕe good…keep up the good work

  3. great workout made me sweat! I haven't been able to hit the gym much because I have an infant and only have a treadmill at home. I'm just walking and doing slight jogging but just feels like a waste and have to do like 30-40mins to kill 200 calories 🙁 would this be better and enough to do a day to burn fat?

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