10 Min Workout Full Body | @Get_Moefit | No Equipment Workout at Home

10 Min Workout Full Body | No Equipment Workout at Home

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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

One this right here Two Works your shoulders Four And it works your legs too man and if You can't do a pull-up yet if you're Struggling with pull-outs this will help You too getting hotter over here Power level Sexier One Two nice Upper body is screaming yeah screaming Right Roger low value You obviously don't skip leg day trying To keep up with her Rotator cuff torn biceps I'm still Working you can too just modify it the Way you need to exactly you ready stop Stopping keep going And we can't stop you're gonna stop Never stop Working out working in looking sexy I Hope you didn't stop I mean because I'm Keep going And she gonna keep getting more fixed I'm here with the same goddess today Introduce yourself I'm Moe on YouTube Underscore Today I'm going to give you guys a Simple body weight exercise that you can Do at home you don't need a gym you Don't even need a park this is one of The workouts I have in my picture it if

You guys are interested just hit the Link in the description something you Can do at home you guys want the rest Man I'll put it up on the site find Somethingseries.com 40 pound lead vest if you want to make Your workouts a little harder everything Has to equal to 12. so we're gonna start With push-ups okay there's five push-ups Ready okay One huh Two Three Before Five and then you come up Do five squats all right Ready yeah One Two Three Four Five And then we do animal push-ups now okay Five and um just two two and push-ups You ready yeah seven go One Two And now We're gonna go to four push-ups Four squats all right Pretty calm right Pretty easy yeah Ready Set Go One Two

Three Whoa My four squats I'm doing it with the weight bus you Don't get a little A little strength Two three Four Oh this one yeah that's another thing You gotta make sure you remember the Numbers and now we're gonna do Four um animal push-ups okay Ready Set Go One Two Three Four Foreign And now We're gonna do three three And six All right ready push up push-ups This is good for beginners One Two Three Go up yep Let's go One Two Through here Six

Yep six and push-ups Ready Set Go One Two Three four Five Power level How's your power level I'm good yeah Um We got two Two And Then oh yeah see this workout doesn't Only help your body get right it helps Your brain know mathematics Gotta count Getting hot over here Power level her power level is getting Sexier They're sexy power level It's over ten thousand damn it she is a Goddess let's go yeah Yep it's two One Two Yeah One One two Nine push-ups We go for eight all right Remember you could do the modify form I Got You Ready Set Go One

Two Three Four Wow Six Come on Hey nice We got one more Round what's that This is uh we're gonna do We're gonna do We're gonna do that It's gonna be the uh sorry yeah yeah She took off first I got sure that my Power level He got the crazy full game of sexiness Over 9002 damn it got a mattress sexiness all Right So we're just gonna do that okay but We're gonna switch it so it's gonna be The animal push-ups and um There's gonna be the animal push-ups and Uh and push-ups and squats Well so we're gonna do two we're gonna Start with five handle push-ups five Squats and then um two push-ups You got that five animal pushes five Squats two push-ups yes right and then We drop it down know your mouth guys Ready Set Let's go Three Four

Five Nice Five squats all right ready yeah One Two Three Four Five Now we're gonna do two push-ups here One Two nice Upper body is screaming yeah screaming Right how's your lower body You obviously don't skip leg day trying To keep up with her no I'm trying to get Mine I good what stop playing girl Me [ __ ] all right so now we're going to Do 4-4 all right All right you ready so what's first you Do um four annual push-ups four squats And then four push-ups all right nice And easy guys how you feeling how do you Feel about this workout It's great like I said how everybody's Screaming so it doesn't work let's go Ready Set Go One this right here So it works your shoulders And it works your legs too man and if You can't do a pull-up yet if you're Struggling with pull out this will help You too you feel me ready what yeah

Come on Two Three Four the squats they just help you Become more from man you know Squash is a full body exercises yeah He'll thank me if you're watching this And um if you're a woman Uh your man will thank you too and thank Me let's go push up yeah four four yeah One Two push-ups It's good for you to be just more Functional In anything you do In the kitchen On the couch the bedroom Uh so now we're going to do three three And six What's this So we're gonna do three animal push-ups Three squats and three push-ups six Push-ups Saying God is over here Yes You got this You're saying goddess You don't deserve Weaknesses let's go ready ready yeah One Two Three let's go nice nice and easy three Squats let's go One two

Three Push up push-ups now six you got this One Two three Four Five nice I'm gonna go down to the knees My shoulders are screaming good that's Good My shoulder nice are you trying to tap Out don't push it so now we're gonna do Two Two two You know you want to take quick breather Oh you got this okay let me just modify It all right so two Like I have a shoulder injury so don't Be afraid to modify anything if you need To say that again I got a shoulder torn Rotator cuff torn biceps I'm still Working you can too just modify it the Way you need to exactly you ready stop Stop it keep going Stop stop it and keep going let's go Yeah Let's go too One Two Let's get it Two squats no you love this one yeah This is the rough song We don't rush but this is the rest too And now we do I got this Ready Set Go

One two three four five six seven eight Now one more round We're gonna do one one and ten Yay I get the feeling I'm messing up with a lower body workout Yeah coming she she's gonna put me Through work I'll make sure you guys go Check out our Channel y'all didn't see The video You got a nice orange by the way thanks This workout is making the pump come in Crazy Let's go ready yeah One Man This one Man if you're not doing this [ __ ] I Don't know if you can't do this I don't Know what you can do bro you need to be More functional you need to do something With your life Ready yep push through One Two Three Four five Six Seven eight Nine Seven let's get it Okay Yes a great workout That was a great workout

Yeah you look good you're looking good Damn You look good last night I'll get you Looking in the comment section man guys Man I want to thank you guys for watching This and I hope you're not just watching Bro Do this workout it's so easy how do you Feel about it If you gave me that word and I work so Give you that work modified if you need To but it's definitely a good workout so For beginners go for advanced y'all saw Here at the vet storm exactly everything Is what you make it and what you put Into it and by the way guys if you guys Want the rest man I'll put it up on the Site find somethingseries.com you can Get the best you can use a 40 pound Weight brush you know if you want to Make your workouts a little harder for Yourself you know we design it and do All that cute [ __ ] first but it's just For you to get the pump and um gosh if This specific workout we did today is One of the workouts I have in the Patreon a structural workout program you Can follow you don't need a gym you Don't need waste all you need is your Body weight literally you can do it at Home hit the link in the description and Um check out more man It Instagram YouTube and Tick Tock

Subscribe to our you support her you Support me and I can I can't stress this Enough Don't forget to smash the Subscribe Button Smash the like button Smash the share button smash the comment Button smash everything Come on Don't do that leave her for the right Guys bro please bro that's my sister Leave her for the right guy please

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