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10 Min. Jump Rope Workout To Burn Fat

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10 Min. Jump Rope Workout To Burn Fat

Today’s workout:

-1 min boxer skip
-30 sec sprint in place
-1 min boxer skip
-30 sec side swipe single under
-1 min boxer skip
-30 sec single leg
-1 min boxer skip
-30 sec double unders
-1 min boxer skip
-30 sec sprint in place
-1 min boxer skip

**complete circuit 2-3x resting 1 min between circuits


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26 Comentários

  1. Hi sorry but I wanted to know, because after some time that I jump the rope I have pain in the shins more on the right one? can you give me some advice? I use running shoes and jump on hard floor, thanks in advance. In the channel you are strong 💪

  2. My jump rope Routine is
    200 Regular Jump rope
    200 Spint in place
    200 Butt kick
    200 Boxer skip
    100 High knee.
    I do this for FOUR round. Rest one minute in between. Can you say how many calories do I burnt? approximately.

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