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10 MIN JUMP ROPE to BURN FAT and learn new skills

FUN 10 minute jump rope workout to BURN fat and learn new skills. Fastest way to burn calories while having fun learning new skills. This workout has 3 sets of 3 minute jump rope cardio blocks. I’ll be switching up the jump rope drills every 30 seconds to keep it fun and challenging.

*If you can’t do a skill just stick with the basic bounce. 😉

1min warm-up shadow jumping

30sec basic bounce
30 sec side straddle
10 sec rest
30 sec alternate foot
30 sec heel taps
10 sec rest
30 sec basic bounce
30 sec skier

1min REST

30 sec boxer skip
30 sec boxer shuffle
10 sec rest
30 sec scissors
30 sec twist
10 sec rest
30 sec single leg
30 sec leg crosses

1 min REST

30 sec double side swings
30 sec single side swings
10 sec rest
30 sec crosses
30 sec side swing crosses
10 sec rest


As a former competitive Jump Roper and current Fitness Coach, I combine both of my passions to give you the BEST jump rope workouts and tutorials.

For more info on Gratitude Jump ropes. Check out this vid. 😉

https://www.gratituderopes.com/products/gratitude-jump-ropes (comes with 1/8lb, 1/4lb and 1/2lb BONUS added weighted handles for extra 🔥)

**For the jump rope mat I used; Use promo code Gratitude25 for 25% off your first mat order. https://www.gratituderopes.com/products/jump-rope-mat

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Come jump with me here!

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11 Comentários

  1. Good morning, I recently purchased your jump rope mat and ever since I started using it to help with my shin pain, I'm constantly tripping …. it never used to be like that before when I just jumped on my kitchen floor and now I can't keep doing your routines without tripping….its frustrating and I feel like I'm not getting a good burn bc of the constant interruption…. is there a trick to using a mat?

  2. Killer 10 minutes? I'm dead after 15sec.. I bought 2 jump ropes year ago.. Tried to jump for a few times, gave up and jumped without rope (I pretended that I jump with rope). Gave up on that too.. Will try again.

  3. Omg I was so gassed with this one. How you can jump, talk, and smile at the same time all throughout this video is incredible. More 10minute videos please!!! Thank you and more power to you ❤

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