🦋 Larger Glutes and Slim Waist Residence Exercise with 😮 No Tools Feminine Health Finest Workouts ⏳

🦋 Bigger Glutes and Slim Waist Home Workout with 😮 No Equipment

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Bigger Glutes 30 Day Butt Transformation Workouts no equipament

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15 min BOOTY BURN (At Home No Equipment)

Hey everyone jessica here today we’re going to do an awesome, abs, legs and booty workouts, really going to give you that slim waist and those nice tone legs. Okay, so we’re going to start off on the floor, we’re going to start off with scissors for 45 seconds here i have my timer. So, let’s start off seated, let’s turn on the timer. We’Re gon na go crisscross with our legs for 45 seconds, ready so make sure you’re engaging the core, keeping it nice and tight and let the core do all the work. Okay, we’re at 30 seconds.

Let’S do 15 more, let’s get to those 45 seconds all right! So let’s go right into cross crunches so for this one we’re going to go ahead and lay down. So, let’s cross one leg over and we’re gon na go with our elbows. If we’re touching our knee okay, we’re gon na go 45 seconds when you’re ready. Let’S go start the timer, 45 so make sure you’re breathing throughout the exercise and you’re really squeezing the core not using your neck.

When you come up, we have 10 seconds all right, good switch 45 seconds, . So you should feel your abs getting tight 20 seconds left five seconds. Keep it going we’re almost there all right good for this next one we’re gon na go ahead and come up so get up because we’re doing leg exercises now right so make sure you’ve cut your breath all right, we’re doing 45 seconds of bounce squats. All right! Really isolating those glutes, so let’s get into the squat position toes forward and remember to push off your heels as you as you’re.

Coming up. Okay, always push off your heels. Keep those glutes tight, we’re going for 45 seconds,so watch the knees make sure they don’t go past your toes okay. We have 20 seconds left, five seconds, all right good, come up!

Take a few deep breaths, because this next one this next one’s tough on the legs and the glutes okay, shake it off. Take a sip of water,! Now we’re going into bounce squats jump squats! I’M sorry!

So we’re gon na jump up come down! Nice and slow into a squat position jump up once again, 45 seconds, all right. So once you’ve cut your breath, if you need a few more seconds, that’s fine once you’re ready. Let’S get right into it. We have 45 seconds start the timer, so we’re gon na come down nice and slow jump up.

so make sure to sit back on your glutes up. 15 seconds left. Let’S keep it going just think of how good you’re gon na look in this bikini last one all right! Those are killers, so you want to make sure you cut your breath, you’re dragging some water before moving on all right right into regular squat. 45 seconds, one more time we’re doing regular squats this time you want to make sure you’re, squeezing the glutes the entire time all right start the timer and begin come down up squeeze and back down.

So keep your feet about shoulder-width apart and remember to be careful with the knees that they don’t pass. Your toes: okay,15 seconds, five. Let’S do the last one one good,] time deep, breaths get the oxygen back in all right as soon as you’re, ready back down on the floor. We’Re gon na get into a plank position this time we’re doing a core exercise now.

So this one we’re doing for one minute we’re doing mountain climbers, but with a side step alternating legs, ready, so we’re going for one full minute get into a plank position. We’Re gon na go out. ] and switch legs make sure to keep the cord tight. 30 seconds left push all the way through keep going we’re almost there. We have 20 seconds, then last one time: good, bigger glutes 30 Day Butt Transformation Workouts no equipament

Okay. So now, when you drink some water wipe the sweat off catch, your breath, we’re going on to another ab exercise, all right. So right back on the floor, we’re doing knee tucks now so we’re tucking in the knee switching sides tucking in the other knee we’re doing. One minute deep, breaths and once you’re ready begin tuck, the knee in bring it out and switch sides. If you have to let your legs rest at the bottom, you can, but it’s definitely a little more challenging if you leave the legs above the ground.

Just a few inches so bring the leg out nice and slow really focus on that core. 15 seconds left 10. good right on time. So come up catch your breath, You can stay down because we’re doing one more on the floor.

all right! So back down we’re doing toe touches now. So we’re gon na bring the legs up, hands back and then we’re gon na come up as if we’re touching our toes for one full minute: ready, 30 seconds left, five, all right good rest, while you’re catching your breath come back up because now we have legs. all right everyone, so this next exercise is really great to isolate the glutes. Give you the nice round.

Look so we’re doing reverse lunges. We’Re bouncing five times on each leg and we’re alternating legs for two full minutes all right. If you have to take some some time pause the time catch your breath and keep going. That’S fine get to the two minutes, all right: [, Music, ], so we’re gon na come back one two three four five bounces come up and switch legs and we’re doing this for two minutes. just make sure you’re pushing off your heel. bigger glutes 30 Day Butt Transformation Workouts no equipament

As you come up and your knees are not passing your toes really focus on using those glutes to bring yourself up from the lunge one minute another minute to go halfway: ! All right! We got 30 seconds, keep going 15 seconds,. Last few. You want to make sure to finish off on the opposite leg that you started with all right: take some deep breaths.

We have one last exercise to go: all right, curtsy lunges, so we’re going to start off with our feet, pretty close together and we’re going to curtsy down. So we’re going to go across the back leg up and we’re going to alternate sides. Okay, you want to hold for at least one to two seconds when you’re down on each leg: okay, we’re gon na – do it for a full minute, alternating legs, all right, so the timer – let’s go one minute, so we’re gon na hold at least two seconds come Up switch and really focus on using your glutes and pushing off your heels as you come up. 30 seconds 15 seconds left we’re almost there 10 seconds, just a few more remember to stop on the opposite leg that you started with . All right all right guys, so that was my at-home core leg and booty workout to give you that nice slim waist those toned legs burn booty.

So if you liked it, if you did it with me, make sure to like subscribe and i’ll see you guys next time, you

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